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113Re: Oki Semiconductor Incorporates Unique Features to Deliver Industry's Lowest

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  • Eric Engler
    Oct 11, 2005
      > http://www2.okisemi.com/site/press/pressrelease/current/PR-
      > Current.html/PR-20050808.html
      > http://www.nuhorizons.com/ame51/

      I just attended the class today in Atlanta. I was quite impressed!
      This was not a marketing event - this was a pure techie event.

      From the moment I arrived I got "down and dirty" with the ame51 demo
      board, the JLink, and the IAR tool suite. They had everything boxed up
      when we arrived, and we unpackaged it, wired it up, and most of us got
      it working in less than 15 minutes, before the class offically started!

      The IAR representative couldn't make it so I was a little concerned at
      first. But that doubt went away when it became obvious that the OKI
      representatives were extremely knowledgeable about the IAR toolset.
      They didn't miss a beat.

      The demo projects were well thought-out, as was the ame51 board
      itself. They had a large amount of RAM that could be configured into a
      ROM emulation mode, which made it possible to support many breakpoints.

      The instructors from OKI and Nu Horizons were very knowledgeable about
      ARM devices in general, and not just the OKI devices. I asked a lot of
      questions and several others asked a lot of questions, and we always
      got great answers. These guys knew their stuff. In some classes I've
      had before the instructors seemed to draw a blank if you get them off
      of their prepared material, but this was not a problem in this class.

      Their presentation was full of technical details and good advice, and
      the labs were well designed. We only had 4 hours to work with, but it
      was jam-packed with info and it'll take me a couple days to digest it all.

      If any of you have a chance to attend this class in another city
      please do it! It's the best 4 hours I've spent in a long time.

      I had to rush out at the end because I was due accross town for a
      meeting. I felt bad that I didn't have more time to socialize. I hope
      the fine people involved with this event will get the word on how much
      I enjoyed it.

      Thanks OKI and Nu Horizons!
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