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Trojan Horse #1 - 3 "Homecoming"

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  • fng_lert
    Caelen almost crashed back into his seat, breathing heavily Remind me not to do that again he said putting his
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 13, 2006

      <Main Bridge, Deck one, USS Pegasus>

      Caelen almost crashed back into his seat, breathing heavily "Remind me
      not to do that again" he said putting his phaser back into his belt.
      He then looked at Kris "Sitrep?"

      "We're back in our own space, Sir." Kristiana sounded quiet. "Shields
      down, ship heavily damaged, hull-breaches on decks 7 and 8. Weapons
      damaged, warpdrive offline. Getting reports of casualties on multiple
      decks. Damage control teams are doing what they can." Petrova spoke in
      an uncharacteristically quiet and subdued voice. Something was
      obviously bugging her.

      Caelen rubbed his forehead, this was bad news indeed. He noticed how
      Kris was speaking so softly "Anything else I should know Commander?"
      he asked, in a friendly yet urging voice, he wanted her to know that
      if there was Anything wrong on his vessel he Needed to know.

      She sighed softly, speaking in a quiet voice. "The Pegasus F tried to
      send us something before we went into the wormhole, but the signal
      ended too quickly for us to act on it .. Sulan and Ryylar are back ..
      Ryylar's .. heavily injured." she spoke, defeatedly.

      "But still alive..." Caelen made sure she understood that she had lost
      nothing "...the ship is still intact only minor casualties..." he
      sighed a bit, now that they were back in friendly territory it was
      time to move on, beyond that Mirror disaster. "...you did a great job
      Commander, I couldn't have done it any better myself" he finally
      added, giving a friendly pat on her shoulder before standing up and
      walking to the Communications console, looking into the eyes of his
      wife. He then turned away and hit his combadge =/\= Commander LaBrie
      to Engineering, please respond =/\= he had to know if everything was
      still going the way it was supposed to.

      The response came back after a long pause. =/\= Black here.. are we
      clear? Is everyone alright up there? =/\= There was very little
      background noise on her comm channel, much less than usual.

      =/\= We're home Lieutenant, can you give me a situation report? =/\=
      Caelen responded, calm and friendly, hoping it would rub off on the
      rest of his crew.

      =/\= We're dead in the water, sir. Engines offline, and frankly, I
      don't know if we have the parts to bring them back up. We burnt out
      most of our redundant lines with that shield recharge, and we've run
      out of spares. At least we still have life support. =/\= Though she
      sounded tired and concerned, she couldn't help her own quirky sense of
      humor. =/\=Any chance we can call for a 'tugboat'?=/\=

      Caelen looked at his wife "Communications still online?" Jennifer
      responded with a simple nod. =/\= Must be our lucky day, Lieutenant,
      Communications are still operational... We will try to contact
      ourselves a... what did you call it?=/\=

      =/\= Tugboat, sir. It's a nautical term, I guess. A boat used to tow
      larger ships safely to shore. Oh, and I hope everyone likes rations,
      because the replicator system is shot. And we've run out of bulbs, so
      keep your flashlights handy. We're working by lamp light down here.
      =/\= Kitty had an amazing ability of sounding more cheerful the worse
      off things were.

      Kristiana remained silent, working through charts and reports,
      assigning critical damage control teams, to the most damaged area's,
      transferring personel out of endangered segments of the ship ..

      =/\= Very well, in the meanwhile try and repair as many systems as
      possible... just in case =/\= The prospect of eating rations wasn't
      all that appealing to him but he should lead by example =/\= keep up
      the good work Lieutenant, LaBrie out =/\= he closed the channel to
      engineering and looked at Kris "How close is the nearest ship?" he
      asked, hoping she would say ten minutes.

      "Thirtytwo hours away sir. The Lantree, a Miranda class." She spoke,
      not looking up from her console. "They're already en route."

      Caelen gave a nod and then turned to Jennifer "Hail them" he ordered
      before walking closer to the screen, hoping to see a friendly face
      appear any moment now. The screen flickered a bit before coming to
      life, showing an Andorian officer with the rank of Captain standing in
      the centre of the bridge.

      "This is Captain Snorak of the Lantree. How may we be of assistance ?"
      the andorian replied.

      "Are you a sight for sore eyes" Caelen responded first before folding
      his arms behind his back "this is the USS Pegasus, NCC 49885, as you
      may... or may not... be able to detect my ship has seen better
      days..." he sighed a bit "...we're afloat and requesting escort to the
      nearest Starbase"

      Snorak smiled. "We're already en route, maximum warp. Thirtyone hours,
      forty minutes till rendezvous. Will you be able to hold out until then
      ?" Kristiana glanced up from her console and nodded. She was confident
      that, even with the ship in it's current state, that wouldn't be a

      "Unless we are dead center in the middle of Borg territory... we can
      hold out" Caelen stated with a confident nod "However I do urge you to
      hurry... last reports indicate that we lost replicators..." he smirked
      a bit "...and I hate rations"

      "I feel your pain, Captain." Snorak replied. "We're doing the best we
      can, but this old girl isn't the fastest in the fleet. But it Is the
      closest. Just hang in there, and we'll be there before you know it."

      "Understood, Pegasus out" Caelen motioned to Jennifer to cut the
      channel. He then walked back a bit to his chair, looking at Kris "You
      better get some rest Commander..." he said to her, knowing that if she
      was half as weary as him she was about to fall over "...that goes for
      all of you" he then added in a louder voice, making sure the entire
      bridge crew was able to hear him clearly.

      "Negative, Sir." She spoke, as she rose from her chair, rolling her
      shoulders a bit, and turned to face Caelen with a look of intent in
      her eyes. "I'm off to sickbay first. It's not like I could sleep
      anyways, if I don't go .."

      "It's your free time Commander, not mine..." Caelen placed a hand on
      her shoulder "...he'll survive... I just know... we have the best
      Doctor in whole of Starfleet" off course any CO would say that of his
      own CMO but that didn't matter. He turned around and sat in his chair
      "You're all Dismissed! Everybody out" he ordered to the rest of the
      staff "I'll keep an eye on the bridge..." he placed his arms on the
      armrests of his chair and tried to relax a bit. They were home...
      finally Home.


      Ok, this post marks the beginning of our next mission, Trojan Horse !

      Cmdr. Caelen LaBrie
      Commanding Officer
      USS Pegasus
      "Home is Where the Heart is..."

      Lt. Kathleen Black
      Chief Engineer
      USS Pegasus

      Lt cmdr Kristiana Petrova
      Executive Officer
      USS Pegasus
      "Too tired for a sigquote"


      Captain Snorak
      Commanding Officer
      USS Lantree
      (NPC'd by Kristiana)
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