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Change of Guard #1 - "Transfer"

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  • John Conahan
    ((OOC: Hello all! As you can see on both the site and on other parts where Caelen LaBrie was visable to the public eye I have chosen to change characters in
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      ((OOC: Hello all! As you can see on both the site and on other parts
      where Caelen LaBrie was visable to the public eye I have chosen to
      change characters in order to accomodate for the increase of two
      ranks Out of Character which weren't set forth In Character. The
      following will describe a start of what happens and why, In

      [Captain's Ready Room, Starbase Ronin]

      Caelen sat down behind his desk, communications from Starfleet HQ
      were few and far in between, he was officially still under their
      command but with the location of Ronin it meant that in reality all
      they could officially do is advice him. He straightened his jacket
      before pressing the button to accept the subspace channel.

      A greying Admiral with four pips on his neck gave him a slow and
      steady nod "Captain LaBrie, thank you for your time"

      Caelen smirked a bit "It's not every day I get a message from HQ" he

      "I know that communications have been irregular at best… that is why
      I'm contacting you right now…" the Admiral stated "…the Admiralty is
      concerned about your situation and that of your crew…" he folded his
      hands and leaned forward a bit "…if the Romulans decide to change
      governments again, into a violent and anti-Federation one, Starbase
      Ronin would be the first and most lucrative place to attack"

      Caelen nodded "We knew that when we started building this place, we
      have armed her well and with the help of the USS Achilles they'll
      need an Armada to get through… and even if they do…" he shook his
      head a bit "…I'll make sure their victory will taste as bitter as

      The Admiral nodded "I know you will, I've read your service record,
      Captain, but this was not the main reason I contacted you…" he took a
      deep breath, there was no easy way to say this "…we feel that the
      need for a Line Officer to be present on the Starbase is dire"

      Caelen frowned, an Admiral on his station, someone that would outrank
      him, that was going to cause some friction. "Sir, I am not sure it is
      wise to have both an Admiral and a Commanding Officer on this station"

      Another nod came from the Admiral "Look Captain, there is no easy way
      to say this so I'll just say it…" he took a breath before continuing
      "…there won't be a CO and a Line officer present… you are being
      transferred off the station… we're bringing in Rear Admiral Kayim"

      Caelen was at a loss for words "I'm sorry, Admiral, but…" he shook
      his head a bit "…you can't just do this" the truth was that he could,
      he could very well do this.

      "I am afraid we had no other choice…" the Admiral replied "…Rear
      Admiral Kayim is on his way as we speak"

      Caelen shook his head again "Thanks for the two week notice, Admiral"
      he replied sarcastically.

      "I am sorry Captain, but this decision was made after what you
      yourself dubbed the Spider affair… it seems that for the kind of
      station Starbase Ronin is we need another kind of Commanding
      Officer…" the Admiral scratched his balding head "…we want to give
      you the option to transfer to the USS Gemini as its Commanding

      Caelen shook his head "My home is here, my daughter is here, my
      friends… My Crew!"

      "You have proven before that you can get acquainted with new
      environments with relative ease, Captain, I am quite sure you will
      prove this once more upon your transfer…" he tapped a few buttons on
      his console "…these are your transfer orders and the command codes
      for the USS Gemini, Captain, we have arranged for Lieutenant
      Alexandra LaBrie to be assigned as Chief Medical Officer…" he leaned
      forward again a bit "…think of her as well Caelen, a chance to be
      Chief again, when she returned here after all those years you just
      took that away from her… and this time you'll be there to protect her"

      Caelen shook his head more fiercely now "Is that your sense of
      honour? Trying to blackmail me with my daughter?! It won't work you
      know, my crew would never agree to a new Admiral, they would want to
      come with"

      The Admiral knew how hard this was for the Captain but his eyes
      turned more resolute "Unfortunately Starfleet is still not a
      democracy, Captain, and these are your orders… we need the current
      crew to stay onboard the Ronin, they have expertise on the area, on
      the base… it would be devastating to loose them as well"

      Caelen's eyes widened "And it won't be devastating to loose the
      Commanding Officer?"

      "A sacrifice we are willing to make, for the greater good of the
      Federation… you have no idea what kind of influence a Rear Admiral
      would bring to the Ronin sector of Operations"

      "I know exactly what kind of influence it would bring… but you
      underestimate the Romulans, Admiral, you have all underestimated them
      for a long time!" Caelen was getting furious, if the base would
      become unstable through the change in ranks the Romulans would gladly
      take that opportunity.

      "We have agreed with the Romulans to take on more Exchange officers
      and also a more active diplomatic staff, we can only support that
      staff if there is a line officer nearby to make decisions that are
      binding to both factions… and you are still a Captain and, after
      review, not ready for that kind of an assignment"

      Caelen shook his head again "Fine… I'll transfer, have it your way…"
      his eyes narrowed "…but don't think I'll go unnoticed"

      "I didn't expect you too, Captain, I do expect you to instruct your
      Senior staff to give Rear Admiral Kayim the fullest co-operation"

      "Starbase G Fourty-Seven, out" was all Caelen could utter at this
      point, he was just baffled… but there wasn't enough time to be…
      things had to be arranged… he had to pack.


      Captain Caelen LaBrie
      Commanding Officer
      USS Gemini

      Also Starring:
      Starfleet HQ Admiral (NPC)
      Headquarters Pencil Pusher
      San Fransisco – Earth
      (As played by Captain Caelen LaBrie)
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