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Nosferatu #1&2 - "Something is Bugging us"

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  • John Conahan
    -={On}=- [Klingon Civillian Transport, Docking port three] Kalintal stepped out of his own transport and looked with disgust at the cheerie Federation station.
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 15, 2007
      [Klingon Civillian Transport, Docking port three]

      Kalintal stepped out of his own transport and looked with disgust at
      the cheerie Federation station. "Come on Azul, we have work to do" he
      stated to his daughter and started to walk towards the nearest turbo
      lift "We'll do some scouting first"

      Azul followed her father obediently, keeping her bag tightly closed.
      "We will have to hurry, Father," she insisted. "I think mine are
      ready for breeding."

      Kalintal nodded "I know..." he looked around a bit and tried to keep
      his own back still as they walked into a somewhat more crowded area
      "...we'll skip the scouting and just plant them in places that seem
      attractive enough" he smirked as he stepped into the turbolift and
      ordered it to the promenade.

      "I wanted to plant mine in Engineering," Azul sulked, following him.

      Once the turbolift was underway somewhat Kalintal ordered it to halt
      and turned to his daughter "I'll give you a boost, open up that hatch
      and put two or three on top"

      Azul put on a pair of thick gloves and opened her bag just long
      enough to grab two spidery creatures by the legs. "Father..." she
      said, disappointed. "I think one of them got away."

      "He'll find his own good spot..." Kalintal said before grabbing his
      daughter by the waist and lifting her above his head, so she could
      open the hatch and put one of the spiders near its food source
      "...got it?"

      "I got it!" Azul said triumphantly, watching the spiders skitter
      away. "This will bring us honor, Father?"

      Putting his daughter back on the ground Kalintal thought about that
      "It will bring them dishonour like us, child" he closed the hatch and
      ordered the lift to proceed "regaining our honour is next". It
      stopped on the promenade and the two got out.

      "Oh, Father!" Azul's eyes widened at the sight of the promenade. "How
      grand! We must put some here, please?"

      Kalintal nodded "The replimat is the perfect place..." with that he
      knew it was damn near impossible to do that unnoticed "...or the

      "I still want to do Main Engineering..." Azul insisted quietly.

      "That's a restricted area Azul, you will never get near enough... and
      even if you did you wouldn't have time to get back" Kalintal
      responded, he hoped this kept her daughter from doing it because he
      also knew the consequences of putting one of these so near to the
      warp core.

      "Alright, alright..." Azul decided secretly that she'd try
      anyways............ .....later. "Where next?" she asked.

      "You go to the holodecks, try to find two or three unoccupied
      ones..." Kalintor stated "...I'll find a way to bug the replimat" he
      smirked at his own pun there, these federation scumbags would be up
      for a treat.

      Azul chuckled and nodded. "I will meet you back at the prescribed
      time," she said, and headed off through the crowds of people, making
      sure nobody bumped into her precious bag full of chaos.

      Kalintor nodded, his daughter was a good asset to his house, she
      would lead them back to greatness... for now dishonouring the
      Federation like they did him and his House was the primary concern
      however. He headed off to the replomat, hoping noone would find the
      two of them to suspicious to look in their bags... otherwise he had
      to go to plan be... which would involve bloody violence and jailtime.

      Releasing mayhem by:

      Mysterious Klingon
      (PNPC by Caelen LaBrie)


      Daughter of a Mysterious Klingon
      (PNPC by Kathleen Black)
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