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Remember #1&2 - "In Memoriam"

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  • John Conahan
    ((OOC: with this New mission I want to make some things clear. The road we re gonna walk in the new fleet, which I see as a new beginning for us all, is gonna
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 18, 2007
      ((OOC: with this New mission I want to make some things clear. The
      road we're gonna walk in the new fleet, which I see as a new
      beginning for us all, is gonna be a bit less light hearted than
      you're used to on the Pegasus and the Ronin. There will still be
      plenty of room for jokes and fun but the plots are gonna be a lot
      more character driven and possibly more grim. Another note I wanted
      to make is that, since we moved to Horizon fleet, there have been a
      few changes. I will post up a message with all the exact changes but
      one of them is that we are no longer Starbase 47 ... rather we are
      Starbase G 47 (SB-G-47) but first and foremost we are Starbase Ronin
      (now our official name). I hope you will all participate after the
      following post as well. Although this is officially shoreleave there
      is a clear theme... so please all participate!))

      [Conference Room One, Starbase Ronin]

      It was early in the morning, on Earth it would still be dark, but
      here on the Starbase the artificial lighting made it seem like you
      were standing in bright daylight. Caelen looked around the somewhat
      empty room, two crewmen were in the back arranging some flowers with
      a civilian botanist. The rows of chairs had been lined up in perfect
      rows. In front of it all stood three caskets, three crewmen... three
      friends. Caelen had he head bowed and wondered about all the things
      that had happened to his crew during their time on the Pegasus... how
      they got through all that. And that, in the end they died in a place
      where everyone thought they would be safe. A Sickbay on a well armed
      Starbase in Federation Space. Caelen sighed and looked up, the sight
      of the caskets weighed heavy on his heart. If only there was
      something he could've done about it.

      Kristiana entered the room as well, dressed in her dress uniform, a
      sombre expression on her face. An expression that turned more grim,
      when she saw just how few people were here, to begin with. She walked
      over to Caelen, and quietly rested a hand on his shoulder. Unlike
      Kristiana, Caelen was really having a hard time dealing with this.
      Not that Petrova was heartless - far from it - but she still seemed
      to have an easier time of dealing than him.

      Caelen looked at Kris "Makes you wonder about the universe doesn't
      it... nowhere seems to be safe..." he might not have made much sense
      to others but in his mind Caelen made perfect sense, in everything he
      said it was clear to him how he felt about all this.

      "Safer with us than without us, Sir." She spoke quietly, before
      heaving a deep sigh. "And that's what we're doing it for, isn't it."

      Caelen nodded, in some way Kris was right... painfully right. They
      were here to risk their lives, sometimes even give their lives, so
      that the Federation civilians didn't have to. He looked at the
      chronometer on the wall, just twenty more minutes before it all would
      start. "Let's just hope we can give them a proper farewell"

      "I'm sure we can, Sir." She managed a tired smile. "I'm sure T'rell
      would find it all agreeable ..." Squeezing his shoulder a bit.

      "Yeah..." Caelen smirked a bit, getting a flashback at Kris
      mentioning that "...yeah I guess he would" he turned around and saw
      that all the flowers were arranged and slowly the invited crew came
      in. Every crewmember was free to come of course, if their duty
      rosters allowed doing so, but some had been granted special
      invitations, because of their relationships with the recently

      Kristiana remained silent, just giving a nod. She looked over the
      people assembling for a moment, before taking her seat.

      [Twenty Minutes later, 0900 hours sharp]

      Caelen held on to the stand in front of the gathered crowd, even
      though they had taken some extra people into account when placing the
      chairs there still weren't enough. All the families were present as
      well, having all agreed with a Starfleet burial. "Dear Beloved,
      friends, family... crewmates... and all that are gathered here today"
      he looked across the room, acknowledging everybody's presence. "This
      is not why I joined Starfleet... this is not why I became a
      Commanding Officer... but this is what I have to do..." he swallowed
      loudly to get the aching lump out of his throat "...Ensigns T'Rell
      and Johnson and Lieutenant Talder have given their lives in the line
      of duty..." he shook his head a bit at that part of his speech, he
      could never get it right."...Their lives were taken from them..." he
      paused a bit again, looking around, some people were crying, others
      were sitting still. The two Vulcan families were eerily unmoved, but
      then again, everyone had their way of copeing. "I tried to look for
      words to describe what has happened here... I tried to look for an
      explanation... there had to be a Logical explanation..." he looked at
      the Vulcan families again "...but there isn't one" Caelen took a sip
      of the water in front of him, wishing he would've put some tequila in
      there to ease his emotions and nerves "I would like to say a little
      something about all three member of my crew... about three members of
      my family... my friends..." he shook his head again "...but the more
      I think about it the more I realise... there are no words..." he
      looked around the gathered crowd again hoping to get some recognition
      at least. "That is why I decided to take the few minutes that were
      planned for me to say something and be silent... in memory of the
      crewmembers... in Earth's history we took one minute to think over
      everything that had happened... I would like to ask you to stand..."
      he looked down a bit before looking at everyone, standing tall now
      "...we will take one minute to remember them... remember what they
      meant to us, individually... and remember... so that we will not
      forget" he turned to the caskets and became silent, thoughts racing
      through his mind, but none spoken out loud.

      Kristiana rose to her feet as well, remaining respectfully quiet. She
      didn't know Johnson and Talder nearly as well as she knew T'rell,
      having served a long time with him. Her thoughts wondered back to how
      T'rell single-handedly saved the Pegasus - and everyone onboard -
      several times over, during several combat situations. And how he
      always remained calm and collected, regardless of what was going on
      around them.
      Alexandra was present as well, tears in her eyes. She had been with
      T'Rell and B'Inca several times in her youth, on the Pegasus. And it
      was quite true that everybody on the ship was kind of her parent. Her
      breathing was irregular and she struggled not to burst out into
      tears, out of respect for the one minute of silence, out of respect
      for T'Rell, Johnson and Talder. A lonely tear rolled down her eye as
      her lips started to shake a bit.

      Caelen looked at the chronometer, knowing that this was the single
      longest minute he had ever gone through... He always thought that he
      was close to his crew but times like these showed that this fact
      could be a glaring weakness. The final seconds ticked away and he
      turned around again "Thank you..." he gave a nod, and saw how
      everybody took their seat again "...I wish I had more to say but with
      so many people attending and so many people having different
      experiences I hope you can forgive me for not being able to find the
      words to describe them all... I just hope that, for whatever reason
      you remember them, you will keep them in your thoughts always"

      Kristiana gave Caelen a nod, as she stepped forward, resting a hand
      on Alexandra's shoulder for a moment, as she passed the younger
      woman. She paused a moment in front of the three caskets, resting a
      hand on the nearest one - Johnson's - before turning back to the
      assembled crewmates. "It is my duty to say something now, but ...
      Well ... I'm not very big on speeches. Never was, never will be."
      She paused, not knowing what to say, glancing at the caskets again.
      ".. All I know is... That here lie three good men, good officers.
      Friends ..." ~that's pathetic, Kris.~ she mentally scolded herself.
      "They fell, doing their duty. They fell, defending what we all
      believe in, what we're all fighting for. They fell, doing what they
      felt was right .. Making this universe a safer place, for all of us."
      Petrova spoke, her voice wavering a bit, though she held her tears
      in. "And all we can do .. Is honour their memory .. By continuing
      their fight." she added, before pausing a moment, and stepping aside

      Caelen gave a nod to Kris this time and stepped back behind the
      microphone "I would like to ask any who feels they have something to
      say to step forward to please say something..." he looked around the
      hall hoping that someone would stand up and walk forward to speak.

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      So that we will not forget:

      Captain Caelen LaBrie
      Commanding Officer
      Starbase Ronin (SB-G-47)
      "Do not fear death so much, but rather the inadequate life."


      Cmdr Kristiana Petrova
      Executive Officer
      Starbase Ronin (SB47)
      "-4 to speechcraft"
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