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That's My Q #1 - "Reflections" !!IMPORTANT!!

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  • John Conahan
    ((OOC we have now Timejumped, please read this post it s quite important if you want to know what s going on and what s going to happen. Everybody new to the
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2006
      ((OOC we have now Timejumped, please read this post it's quite
      important if you want to know what's going on and what's going to
      happen. Everybody new to the Sim: Welcome! and get to posting! :D:P))

      [LaBrie's Personal Quarters, Starbase Ronin, Two Months after the
      Return of the USS Pegasus]

      Caelen looked in the mirror, his eyes still a bit red from earlier. In
      the past two months it went from bad to worse, in the end Jennifer
      decided that it would be better 'for all of them' that she would
      leave. Better... for all of them... that was the biggest load of
      bullocks he had heard since the news that the Pegasus would be
      scrapped. He shook his head and placed his mask on his head, to finish
      his outfit.

      He walked away from the mirror, fully dressed like a character from an
      old 20th century comic book, and later a 21st century movie. He walked
      around the rather empty room, while most stuff was actually his the
      really decorative things; plants, paintings and so on, were her ex-wife's.

      A lot had happened indeed. Jennifer Yordanova, as she was called once
      more now, had taken a post on the USS Gemini, a Galaxy class ship. She
      had taken Alexandra with her, there was nothing Caelen could do about
      it. He tried to but she had gotten custody over her, so now he was
      alone in an empty grey room. The only decoration he had was his guitar
      and at the moment his V for Vendetta suit.

      He threw the cape around himself and sighed deeply, this morning
      Jennifer and Alexandra had left and now he was on his way to a party.
      All the transfer orders were complete, accepted or denied, the rest of
      the Starbase positions filled with new and veteran people from the
      fleet. He tied the cape under his chin and made way to the doors.

      The doors hissed open and Caelen walked out, it almost seemed to him
      that the only good thing that happened was that Section 31 was off
      their backs... for now. It had come at a high price but he was willing
      to pay it. After this it was decided that Sulan was unsuitable for the
      Chief of Security position on the Starbase and she was completely
      relieved of duty and stripped of rank. Only to return one week later,
      as 1st Lieutenant in the Starfleet Marine Corps as Marine Commanding
      Officer of the detachment onboard Starbase Ronin.

      Well at least he didn't lose another part of his crew, he had even
      gained a family. The Floyds had joined their husband on his new
      posting and his wife had taken the oppertunity to help the planetside
      scientists and medical personell. For the short time they had met
      Caelen thought his wife was a very pleasent woman and thought that, if
      there was ever such thing as a dream marriage, the Floyds were living it.

      Kristiana had returned from Earth after taking care of everything
      after her father had commited suicide, back to Ryylar who was now
      booted up to Chief of Security and dropped all his Bartending and
      Morale Officer duties, officially that was... because Ryylar was still
      quite the party animal, in the form of always being able to get one

      Lieutenants Black and Evans had returned from their trip to Earth,
      both meeting with the other side's family. Caelen was just sure he
      would have to conduct one of the nicer sides of the job as Captain.
      But for now he would just leave them be a bit. Evans and Black had
      both accepted their new positions on the Starbase, Chief of Operations
      and Engineering (respectively). They still made a great team... even
      while Black still got lost on the big base every once in a while.

      Caelen stepped into the turbolift and smirked from behind his mask at
      the other two officers in the lift, surely they knew that there would
      be a party in the new bar that had opened some time after Caelen and
      the Pegasus crew arrived. Appearantly it was a retired Starfleet
      Admiral. The Tellarite barkeep was far from happy about this but then
      again, tellarites are really hard to please. Caelen ordered the right
      promenade level and continued on his train of thoughts about the past
      two months.

      Hannah had first declined the position as Chief Tactical on the
      Starbase but Caelen had made her an offer she couldn't refuse. Chief
      Strategic Operations and a chance to gain some genuine Command
      experience. As the starbase was now slowly drifting back into Romulan
      space hard times would be ahead, Starfleet wouldn't be able to keep a
      well armed patrol vessel near Starbase Ronin. Knowing this LaBrie and
      Starfleet HQ had come up with a plan, the name? the Nova classed
      vessel USS Odysseus.

      Both the Chief Counsellor and Chief Science were happy to accept the
      invite on the base and get more room, and possibly clients, for their
      experiments or practices. Whatever they wanted to call it, Melina also
      had the great oppertunity to go down to the surface of Lethe IV every
      once in a while to give her expert opinion on findings and exgavations.

      T'Rell and B'Inca had also returned from Vulcan from shoreleave there,
      probably visiting some monastaries and parents, making sure everything
      was still 'agreeable'. At least they had both accepted their new job
      offers, T'Rell as Chief Flight Operations and B'Inca as Nurse in
      Russell's Medical staff.

      Of course there were new people as well, Brandon Jacob Wellers had
      replaced Jennifer in her position as Chief Communications and
      Linguistic specialist and they had finally gotten a new Chief
      Diplomatic Officer after the streak of these people leaving and dying.
      Caelen thought for a while that the position was cursed but found new
      hope in Carl Philip Albert Lee. Finally a new position to Caelen, at
      least under his command, Chief Intelligence Officer, he had screened
      dozens and finally settled with Charles Mason Zorach, hoping he had
      made the right choice.

      The lift stopped and Caelen stepped out of the turbolift, with the
      mask, a new haircut, the cape and the hat on he doubted that anyone
      would even recognize him. But then again that was the idea behind the
      entire costume. He walked up to the bar and found that it had all been
      arranged, there were even a few people there. All dressed up like
      characters from movies, novels or other things, some dating back to
      the Shakespearian era.

      Some heads turned and Caelen smirked, although nobody could see it. He
      walked up to a waitress and ordered a Whiskey, he needed something
      strong to get this started. He leaned against the bar and hoped that
      his Senior staff would arrive shortly, and that they would be at least
      as creative as the others already there.

      The whiskey was handed to him and suddenly he realized that he
      wouldn't be able to drink it without reveiling his identity... so this
      would be a boring night after all... well at least he would get a kick
      out of people not knowing it was him... and keeping it a secret as
      long as possible... Maybe they wouldn't even miss him...


      (( OOC2: Ok People it's a Costume Party! Everybody come dressed up as
      your favorite Fictional Character!!! Please try to be original (I
      don't want Five Neos running around here... would beat the purpose of
      the mission that follows) and try to Mingle! Costumes will be on a
      first Come First Serve basis! (SO nobody else will come as V for
      Vendetta... ah... I love being the CO :D:P) ... Nobody has more right
      on a character as anyone else... just to avoid conflicts ;)

      Ohw yeah and most importantly: Have Fun with This! I know I will!!! :D ))

      Captain Caelen LaBrie (AKA "V")
      Commanding Officer
      Starbase Ronin (SB47)
      "Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici"
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