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River Of Forgetfulness #1&2 - "I Smell A Conspiracy"

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  • Kahbouter
    OOC: This is the first post of our new mission River of Forgetfulness. So all posts following this one should be numbered accordingly. Due to the length of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 21, 2006
      OOC: This is the first post of our new mission River of
      Forgetfulness. So all posts following this one should be numbered
      accordingly. Due to the length of the mission name, you might want to
      shorten it to ROF in case it conflicts with the length of the post
      title. Carry on. ;)


      [Promenade, Starbase Ronin]

      It must have been a restless sleep, he twisted and turned on the
      bench. His clothes looked old, unwashed and torn and even some stains
      of blood were present on his shirt and trousers. Slowly he opened his
      eyes before screaming out and dropping to the ground, covering his
      eyes. "Ah!" he shouted rubbing his eyes hoping the pain of the bright
      light would go away sooner. He turned some heads on the promenade but
      they all let him be, some even steered clear of the man, especially
      the Romulans.

      Russell exited the turbolift and entered the Promenade deck. He had a
      good night sleep after the latest Tarzan and Jane adventure. He never
      imagined how exhausting a day of jungle excitement could be, even if
      he wasn't really himself. Starting the new day with a stroll over the
      Promenade deck would help him focus on this new day. It was quite
      busy and he greeted a few familiar faces in the crowds.

      Slowly the mysterious man crawled away from under the bench and
      looked around, eyes squinted so that the least possible light fell
      through, he had to get to a doctor, he felt his body hurt so much
      that he didn't know what it was exactly that hurt. "Doctor! I need a
      doctor!" he shouted, the language he shouted it in was automatically
      translated into Federation standard by the computer. He almost stood
      up but fell to the floor again, noticing his leg in an odd position
      he yelled out again "ARGH!!!"

      Above the buzzing noise common on a busy Promenade deck Russell heard
      the cry for help a few dozen meters in front of him. He couldn't see
      what was going on, so he put up the pace to get closer to the
      emergency. "Doctor, coming through!" he said while trying to get past
      the immediately surrounding people.

      Within the circle lay a Reman on the ground in a very uncomfortable
      manner. It was obvious that his leg was broken. But that was not his
      only injury. He seemed to have a lot of cuts and bruises all over his
      body and apparently was very sensitive to light in his eyes. Russell
      sat down next to the man. "The doctor's here. Don't move to avoid
      further injury." he said to the unknown Reman. "Who are you and what
      happened?" he asked.

      The Reman man relaxed "I... I..." he tried to look the human male in
      his eyes. "...I don't know" this conclusion shocked even himself, he
      could remember nothing before he woke up here... panic almost
      overcame the man. "...what did you do with me! Why am I here!" He
      started to push the self proclaimed Doctor away from him.

      "Calm down!" Russell said in an attempt to put the Reman at ease and
      backed down a little. "I didn't do anything to you... yet. I have no
      idea why you are here, but you'd better get to a sickbay with me to
      treat your injuries." he said trying to reason with him.

      The Reman man shouted in agony as Russell tried to restrain him, the
      wounds on his body had been worse then he thought. He gave up, not
      because he trusted this man but because he couldn't fight him off and
      he needed mending. He lay back on the ground, exhausted by the pain
      across his entire body.

      It seemed as if the Reman gave up. Russell took this chance to get
      him to a sickbay. He tapped his combadge. =/\= Doctor Floyd to
      Transporter chief. I need site to site transport for two to the main
      sickbay on my mark. =/\=

      =/\= Transporter signal locked, sir. =/\= The transporter chief

      =/\= Acknowledged, initiate transport. =/\= Russell said and both
      disappeared in blue shimmers from the Promenade deck to reappear in
      the centre of the large sickbay aboard the station. "Please help me
      get this man on a biobed, carefully!" he said to the medical staff
      rushing over to them. <A Reman aboard the Starbase, this has to be
      something the captain would like to know.> Russell thought to himself
      and tapped his combadge again. =/\= Doctor Floyd to Captain LaBrie. =/

      Caelen just stepped out the turbolift in Main operations and had
      greeted all the present personnel, relieving Lieutenant Mayik of
      command. =/\= LaBrie here, what's wrong Doctor? =/\=

      =/\= You might want to come down to the main sickbay, captain. We
      have an unknown visitor who's badly injured. =/\= Russell answered

      Caelen frowned a bit =/\= Do you care to elaborate on that Doctor? =/
      \= while he asked that he motioned someone else to take over in Ops
      and stepped into the turbolift =/\= Sickbay =/\= he ordered the lift,
      not having closed the comchannel yet.

      =/\= He's a Reman, sir. With apparent loss of memory. He didn't know
      how he got here and couldn't even tell me his name. =/\= Russell
      answered his captain. =/\= I thought you would like to know. =/\=

      =/\= I'm almost at your doorstep Doctor... LaBrie out =/\= and with
      that he walked into sickbay, somehow the entire V ordeal had made him
      a fast walker. "Report" he simply stated, walking up to the bio bed.

      "Well, that was fast." Russell smirked immediately coming to
      business. "I found him on the Promenade deck calling out for help.
      His leg is broken and he has several cuts and bruises all over his
      body as if he has had a severe beating. He passed out so I had him
      transported to sickbay." he explained. "That's when I called y..."

      "Commander LaBrie!" a somewhat distantly familiar voice spoke out
      from behind him "So good to see you again, I didn't know you had been
      graced with a Starbase."

      "Or cursed." added another voice, again distantly familiar.

      Caelen turned around "It's actually Captain now..." He paused a bit
      as he saw who had 'graced' him with their presence "...Colonel Sock,
      Major Bokma" he said in somewhat reluctant greeting.

      Russell also turned around when he heard the voices behind him.
      "Well, ain't that a surprise." he said with a slight sarcastic
      undertone. "Are you in need of medical assistance?" he asked, knowing
      full well that was not why they were here.

      "We are in need of that man Doctor" the Colonel replied, walking
      closer to the bio bed "that man is the leader of a rebellion that
      cost the loves of over a hundred Romulan citizens... we have been
      looking for him for the past two weeks, fortunately you found him
      first... and fortunately the Federation and Romulan Star Empire has a
      treaty about these kinds of situations"

      "Luckily there are also treaties about asylum and medical care..."
      LaBrie countered "...as long as this man is in need of Medical care
      he will not leave this room, let alone this base"

      At this Bokma pulled his disruptor from his holster "Who said he had
      to leave this room?"

      "Now, now, Major... Calm down... That would be a very unwise
      action..." Colonel Sock urged his right hand to stand down arms
      before he turned to the Doctor "...How long will this take?"

      "For his full recovery, you mean?" Russell asked. "I can't say for
      sure yet. I've barely had time to complete the scans on his injuries.
      Broken leg, loss of blood, maybe internal bleedings judging from the
      large amount of bruising. He's in bad shape." Russell said summing up
      the facts he anticipated.

      Caelen frowned at that remark and then turned to the Romulan
      Tal'Shiar agents "Yeah... we barely had time to scan him and already
      you walk in... other then me and Russell and maybe some bystanders on
      the promenade nobody knows about this man..." he looked at the two
      suspiciously "...and as far as I know there is no Romulan Warbird
      docked with this station"

      "Ah now... that's an interesting story, Captain..." Sock replied
      smirking a bit.

      "...and it's also a classified one" Bokma added to his immediate

      The Reman groaned, he needed medical attention and he needed it now.

      Russell picked up a medical tricorder to scan the injuries of Reman
      Doe. "And we're not gonna find out anything more if you don't let me
      treat this patient. Would you please get out of my way so I can save
      a man's life?" Russell said politely shooing the gathering near the

      Caelen turned to the Romulans and motioned them to leave the sickbay,
      "Do your thing Doctor" he stated before stepping out himself as well,
      there was no way he was going to let these two men out of his sight
      now... It was all too suspicious.

      "So much for a quiet morning." Russell muttered.


      A mission starting JP by:

      Captain Caelen LaBrie
      Commanding Officer
      Starbase Ronin
      "Word travels fast in these parts of the 'verse"

      Lieutenant JG Russell D. Floyd MD
      Chief Medical Officer
      Starbase Ronin

      Also starring:
      Colonel Sock and Major Bokma (PNPCs)
      Tal'Shiar Operatives
      (As played by Captain Caelen LaBrie)
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