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Re: [Save for Half] Episode 4 1/2: "Judges Guild Seminar"

Looks good to me, Mike. Thanks for posting. -Erin On Wed, Jun 14, 2017 at 00:09 Mike Stewart stewart69@... [ODDguild] < ... -- Erin *The Chimera RPG*
Erin Smale
Jun 14

[Save for Half] Episode 4 1/2: "Judges Guild Seminar"

(Again, apologies if this is inappropriate but I thought folks on this list would like to know about a JG seminar. Let me know if this was 'not kosher'?) Save
Mike Stewart
Jun 13

SFH#3: Basic-Expert D&D

Save for Half Episode #3: "Basic and Expert D&D" We're back and ready to find a dragon in a dungeon...so long as its Basic/Expert! The terrible trio of DMs
Mike Stewart
Apr 10

Save for Half Podcast

(Forgive us for posting this non-CD&D email here; we just wanted to make sure everyone knew about this show as it doubles for the goodbye of DM Jim from
Mike Stewart
Mar 11

Re: Game Master Screen

If I had several hundred dollars to throw away, I'd think about it...then go get something I really need. On Wed, Feb 15, 2017 at 4:30 PM, sshum2003@...
Carl Hewett
Feb 15

Game Master Screen

This is probably the ultimate game master screen: The Wyrmwood Magnetic Game Master Screen
Feb 15

Re: [Save or Die podcast] To our fans...

Thanks for the kind words, we appreciate them! As for POTB, LOL I'll give it a shot. Keep on me about it... :) Mike On 1/7/17, Erin Smale erin.smale@...
Mike Stewart
Jan 7

Re: [Save or Die podcast] To our fans...

Hi Mike, I'm so sorry to see you guys go. SoD podcast is one of my favouites. You, Liz, and Jim will be sorely missed. But as you go, please know that I very
Erin Smale
Jan 7

[Save or Die podcast] To our fans...

To the fans of the Save or Die podcast, It’s a truism that all good things come to an end, and it appears that our time on the Save or Die podcast is no
Mike Stewart
Jan 6

Save or Die Episode 130: "End of Year Email Hot Tub!"

Save or Die Episode 130: "End of Year Email Hot Tub!" Taking a break from the cold, your DMigoes once again relax in the Email Hot Tub and catch up on (most)
Mike Stewart
Dec 10, 2016

Save or Die Episode 129: "Save vs. The Hero's Journey"

Save or Die Episode 129: "Save vs. The Hero's Journey" Your favorite SoD-casters are on a journey...The Hero's Journey that is! Attack of the Clones returns
Mike Stewart
Nov 21, 2016

Re: Alignment

In Moldvay basic, there is a pic by DSL (Dave LaForce) depicting an evil party member (all in black) attempting to slay a goblin tied up & gagged, while a
Robert Weber
Nov 14, 2016

Re: Moldvay is marching on

Just got to the classes, and the reader is reading all the tables for xp, hit points, and attribute bonuses. I suspect they will read combat and save tables
Mike Stewart
Nov 3, 2016

Re: Moldvay is marching on

I dunno, as I've just started listening. They usually do tables in other (i.e. historical) books I've gotten in the past. The one thing they don't do (which
Mike Stewart
Oct 31, 2016

Re: Moldvay is marching on

So awesome! Chris Jones"Still around the corner there may wait, A new road or a secret gate." -- J.R.R Tolkien From: "Mike Stewart stewart69@...
Chris Jones
Oct 31, 2016
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