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Re: eric u

On Mon, 5 Jan 2015 04:10:44 -0800, "David Lee Ingersoll davidlee.ingersoll@... ... It's definitely dodgy. Don't follow that link. I think Robert Posner's
Dave Brzeski & Jilly Paddock
Jan 5

Re: eric u

Is this actually a link to something we might want to read? Or is this spam? David Lee Ingersoll Illustrator / Cartoonist http://skookworks.com Phone/Text:
David Lee Ingersoll
Jan 5

Re:eric u

http://www.sanelkablo.com/uiccmcm/bxnwxlesxggqxdnsihtgvdza.aprsnnvkjrojgziylzfmetbvtqj robertposner@...
Jan 5

New group

It appears that this group is dying the death. Willie Meikle is almost the only poster in the last year. It's a shame, but not surprising. Social media has
Dave Brzeski & Jilly Paddock
Jun 2, 2014

William Meikle's PROFESSOR CHALLENGER collection

The advance order page is up for my PROFESSOR CHALLENGER collection hardcovers. Get in early - the Holmes ones went fast.
May 3, 2014

Carnacki Collection on 50% Discount for Xmas

Heads up -- the kindle edition of my Carnacki collection is 1/2 price until midnight on Boxing Day. This is the full collection with the same content as the
Dec 21, 2013

An invite

I'm reading at next week's World Fantasy Convention on Hallowe'en no less, in Hall 8B between 3pm and 3.30pm (probably for about twenty five minutes with a
Oct 23, 2013

My weird Holmes collection is now available to order

My weird Holmes collection is now available to order in signed hardcovers.$40 for a hardcover, $120 for the deluxe leatherbound edition. Both editions are
Aug 18, 2013

Re: Book Giveaway

Hi Justine,  Thanks but i do not have a kindle or any electornic reader Good luck with the success of your book ________________________________ From: J.
Rebekah Brown
Jul 25, 2013


I think I should apologize to the group for the fact that my correspondence with those members who requested copies of my book has been showing up here as
Justin G
Jul 25, 2013

Re: Book Giveaway

Justin, I think you're confusing me with a different David. Looking up the thread I see that Dave Brzeski asked for a kindle version of the book. I asked for a
David Lee Ingersoll
Jul 25, 2013

Re: Book Giveaway

David: I don't mind sending you a hard copy, if doing so will increase the liklihood of your reading it. I sent a Kindle version because that's what you asked
J. Justin Gustainis
Jul 25, 2013

Re: Book Giveaway

Justin, Thank you very much. I will do my best to read it and provide a review. I understand the advantage for you to send a kindle copy rather than a physical
David Lee Ingersoll
Jul 25, 2013

Re: Book Giveaway

Hi, Dave. I'm happy to send you a Kindle copy. In fact, it is attached. I hope you enjoy my book. Best wishes, Justin
    J. Justin Gustainis
    Jul 25, 2013
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    Re: New Weird Detective anthology from Prime

    I picked this up at Prime Books' table at ReaderCon in Burlington MA last weekend. Very excited to dig into it! It looks great. ... Michelle Souliere The
    Michelle S
    Jul 23, 2013
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