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5953Re: [O14] Bachmann's New Releases 2014

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  • Brian Rumary
    Jul 23 4:16 AM
      On 20/07/2014 19:43, 'Brian' rallim56@... [O14] wrote:
      Pity it isn’t in O14, but the fella’s in 009 will be happy.
      The German company Minitrains(?) is also about to bring out a model of the German "Bridgardlok" 0-8-0T, which was used by the other side in WW1. However their's is HO scale, while the Bachmann model is OO.

      Slater's is also bringing out a model of the Baldwin 4-6-0T, but in 16mm scale. It will also cost approx £600!! They also already do a 16mm scale model of a Motor Rail petrol "rail tractor" of the same vintage.

      Brian Rumary
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