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5949Re: O14 wheelsets

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  • mmilway
    Jul 21, 2014


      Are you considering RP25-100 or RP25-88 wheels? One issue I see is that the flanges on RP25 wheels are much thicker than the flanges on KB Scale wheels. If the back to back is set to the recommentded 12.4mm then I have found that the the wheels are very tight to 14mm gauge.


      In my own case I bought some RP25-88 wheelsets from Steam Era Models in Victoria, Australia. I ended up setting the back to back gauge to about 12.2mm so that they would ride properly on the track. This does not leave much room for wheel wobble when going through a set of points.


      The KB Scale wheels have a much finer flange and narrower tread. The flange works well with a back to back of 12.4mm and 1mm flangeways (You would expect this as these wheels and flangeways were developed together.) However, there is not much tread to cope with wide gauge. At this stage I have not managed to mount KB Scale wheels squarely on to axles. I get far too much wobble. Does anyone have a methodology fro mount these wheels so they are correctly gauged and true?


      It would be very nice to have more than one manufacturer able to supply wheels for 14mm gauge.



      Michael Milway.


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