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  • Frank Sharp
    Jul 18, 2014



      I've had no problems buying any of Colin's wheels on 24.5 axles.


      They are very easily regauged. Take a block of brass. I use a brass 00 gauge which is a brass block with cutouts in it, a bit like a dumpy upturned table. I turned it down a side at a time until it was right for 14mm gauge, 12.5 mm I think.

      Now the 'clever' bit. Alter the angle on the cutting face of the drill from the usual about 20 degrees to almost 45 degrees. Drill a hole a fraction over 2mm in the block. It is a try and see method but you want a depth that so when you put the axle tip in the hole and push the pin point at the other end it forces the wheel further onto the axle. You want the depth so that when you've done it for each end the wheels are right for 14mm gauge. The more acute drill angle should ensure that the pin point drops right to the bottom every time.


      This is dependent on always having the same axle length, but you can have a 24.5 hole and a 26 hole. You push the wheel, don't twist it, so it tends not to be slackened, and it works for any Gibson wheel size or type. Push it with something soft not to damage the pin point, I used a half pence piece.


      Once made it is a doddle to use. I'll admit mine had a couple of Araldite filled holes where I drilled too deep.


      Not an original idea, I'm sure Adrian Gray suggested it to me.


      I hope I may remain here, but I am backing out of 14mm, playing trains with friends is more important than dead scale.






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      Fellow modellers,

      One of the big bugbears for us 'mainline' O14 modellers is accurately regauging OO wheelsets. However, I have made tentative enquiries to Alan Gibson Workshop (Colin Seymour) and it seems he would produce a batch of 14mm gauge wheels at standard advertised price as long as we can order at least 150 axles - but we may have to wait a while (I'm not sure how long this is yet).

      I am interested in getting at least 100 of the 10.5mm 8 spoke RP25 profile wheels so does anyone else want to join me to increase the order size and enable this to happen? The standard axle length is 26mm (£1.35 per axle) but I am quite interested in getting the shorter 24.5mm axles (more expensive at £1.55 per axle) - please state your preference. I don't think we can mix and match, i.e. we all need to go for the same wheel type and axle length.

      He needs upfront payment so I would have to place the order and you pay me plus a bit for postage (pref. upfront too).

      Please contact me if you are interested.



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