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5936Re: [O14] 7mm corrugated iron

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  • David Hughes
    Jul 13, 2014
      A bit fiddly, I know, but have you tried improving the definition of the Duncan sheets? I made my own sheets by gluing strips of Slaters rod at the right pitch on 2 separate pieces of card and pressing foil between them. The same technique could be used to improve the Duncan sheets (or make your own), albeit you might need to use brass rod soldered to sheet brass.

      On 13 Jul 2014, at 10:22, "jclutterbuck2001@... [O14]" <O14@yahoogroups.com> wrote:


      (also posted on NGRM)

      I am on the hunt for 7mm scale corrugated iron. I had settled on the Metalsmith product which was superb and being tinplate was easy to rust convincingly. Unfortunately they won't have any back in stock within my timescales (I have asked).


      I need a profile that represent the standard 3" variety (1.7mm pitch) is quite thin and has well defined corrugations visible on both sides - pre-cut 6ft and 8ft sheets would be a real bonus. I am aware of the following:


      Duncan Models (I have some) - ready cut sheets in tinplate but the corrugations are not well defined


      Ambis (exclusively via Hobby Holidays it seems) - aluminum so would need painting - out of stock!


      Plastruct PS-24 - would need painting - not sure if the corrugations are that well defined


      http://www.architekt...wellbleche.html - brass, copper or aluminium - 2mm pitch


      Any other suggestions?




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