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5796Re: [O14] Updates to the Roy Link Industrial Narrow Gauge Handbook?

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  • andy binns
    Feb 16, 2014
      I would buy it as well....

      On 16 February 2014 11:31, Roy Link <rclpubs@...> wrote:

      Dear Mr Ford,

      The RCL Handbook comprised:

      PH01 - A core set of 48 pages - the original Catalogue & Handbook set - dated 1-10-94.

      Update 01 - install this next.
      Add page R5/6 after page R4 in the ROLLING STOCK section.
      Add page EM1/2 to the EQUIPMENT & PLANT SECTION.
      Do not add page L7/8 - this is incorrect - please discard it.

      Update 02 - install this next.
      Pages M1/2 through to M7/8. Place between sections THE PROTOTYPE and NOTES.
      Add page R7/8 after page R6 in the ROLLING STOCK section.
      Add page iv/v after page iii in the INTRODUCTION.
      Add page L7/8 after page L6 in the LOCOMOTIVES section.

      Update 03 - install this next.
      Add page M9/10 after page M8 in the MODELLING section.
      Add pages EM3/4 & EM5/6 after page EM2 in the EQUIPMENT & PLANT section.
      Replace original pages L3/4 & L5/6 with the new pages in this update pack.

      In addition you could add any or all of the following:


      PH02 - DIRT DAMAGE & DECAY. For ROLLING STOCK section. Covers the art of making your models more realistic. Twelve pages fully illustrated in colour. 

      PH03 - THREE INDUSTRIAL RAILWAYS. For PROTOTYPE section. Covers three prototype industrial ‘two footers’ working in a sewage works, a steelworks and a drift mine. Each line is fully illustrated. Sixteen pages, three in colour.

      PH04 - SAND & GRAVEL. For EQUIPMENT & PLANT section. Covers the sand and gravel industry in detail. Descriptions and illustrations of items of plant and equipment plus diagrams. A history of the industry is provided along with flow diagrams of how a typical plant worked. An essential source for the modeller. Twenty six pages (black & white)

      PH05 - SAND & GRAVEL RAILWAYS. For PROTOTYPE section. This set provides details of prototype 24 inch gauge rail systems that once worked in the sand & gravel industry. An ideal complement to section PH04. Written by noted author, Sydney A. Leleux, the lines vary from tiny concerns right up to one of the very largest, with a section of double track! Numerous photographs and track diagrams. Twenty Two pages (black & white)

      PH06 - TEMPORARY CONSTRUCTION RAILWAYS. For PROTOTYPE SECTION. A unique look at a 1950s waterworks pipeline construction railway. Possibly the most elusive of narrow gauge industrial subjects - now captured in print. A section is covered in detail. Descriptive text, numerous photos, maps etc. Twenty two pages (black & white)

      PH07 - BRICK & TILE WORKS RAILWAYS. For PROTOTYPE SECTION. This set provides details of prototype 24 inch gauge rail systems that once worked in the brick & tile industry. Written by noted author, Sydney A. Leleux. Numerous photographs and track diagrams. Thirty Two pages (black & white).

      Handbook accessory set –  contained laminated conversion tables and a clear scale reference overlay - all for 7mm scale.

      The first (A5) binders were yellow, with black print and the fixing rivets on the back of the binder were over painted yellow to match. The second batch were similar apart from the rivets being black. The final run I had made was a black binder, printed in yellow. I think Ray Ollier may actually sold a few in plain black binders with no print at all.

      All page sets were passed on to KBscale when I sold the kit side of my business - as David has no interest in the handbook, I have negotiated the rights to ‘re-purpose’ the material into a reference book on industrial narrow gauge, removing the product specific references - but still retaining modelling information.

      Hope this helps . . .

      On 16 Feb 2014, at 00:37, Kenneth Ford <kford@...> wrote:

      Hello, all -

      After several years of searching I finally found a copy of the Roy Link
      Industrial Narrow Gauge Handbook - they are practically nonexistent
      stateside, but I was able to find one from a UK seller willing to ship

      This was a leap of faith purchase based solely on the book's reputation, and
      I'm happy to say it exceeds my hopes and expectations; the prototype
      information alone is worth the not insignificant cost of the book and

      I know numerous updates were published over the years. Can anyone kindly
      help me determine what I might be missing, if anything? My copy is marked
      "Issue 1-10-94" on the inside plate and appears to have been updated at
      least through October 2002 (PH01 plus updates 01, 02 and 03); the sections
      are numbered as follows:

      * Introduction and Index: pages i through v

      * Track and Turnouts: pages T1 through T14

      * Rolling Stock: pages R1 through R8, pages RM1 through RM20

      * Locomotives: pages L1 through L8, I also have what appears to be an
      earlier version of L3 through L7

      * Equipment and Plant: pages E1 through E28, EM1 through EM6

      * The Prototype: pages P1 through P28, P31 through P100

      * Modeling: pages M1 through M10 plus two laminated reference cards and a
      pair of clear templates

      * Notes: pages N1 through N6

      I am missing page P29/P30 from the Prototype section; can anyone assist me
      by describing what is covered on these pages?

      Were later updates published?

      Many thanks!

      Ken Ford
      Aurora, IL USA
      A lonely Yank modeling UK outline on the prairie 

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