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5785Van in FR Tan-y-Bwlch cutting photo

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  • chrisveitch
    Feb 15, 2014
      I’m interested in starting O14 in a small way and thought that a small loco and a few wagons would be the way to go, hence my recent posts. I’ve always thought that the well-known photo of the short freight train in Tan-y-Bwlch cutting captured the essence of the FR very well and that building the stock in the photo was a manageable project. In the photo there is:

      1. An England 0-4-0 - don’t know which one, presumably Prince or Princess, and I’m sure someone can enlighten me;
      2. A small short wheelbase open wagon which may be a two plank and appears too high to be a Beer Wagon;
      3. A gunpowder wagon - no problems there, with a kit and two extant examples;
      4. A 4 ton coal wagon - again, not a problem;
      5. A small and low 4w van with apparently ventilated sides and a roof vent. 

      It’s the van that I’m interested in - I’ve never seen it in any other photos and Boyd doesn’t seem to mention it. Does anyone know what it was, whether there are any other details or what it was for?

      The photo is 10H in Boyd Volume 1, but also appears in many other books with varying attributions and explanations. I can't find a copy on the internet. Some describe it as a shunting movement and some as a down train (although it’s on the wrong line, which is also sometimes mentioned). I don’t know the date - the best I can guess at is between around 1892-1910. Again, I’m sure someone can give a more accurate estimate.

      BTW I know Neo will probably make a pig’s ear of my formatting, but at least I tried. I hate Neo too. 

      And before anyone asks why I'm posting this here and not on the FR group, it's because I know there are at least a couple of modellers on the forum who might know the answer!


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