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5782RE: Mercian FR 0-4-0 kit

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  • heatonwood
    Feb 14, 2014
      Hi Chris. I have just checked my Welsh Pony and the dimensions all seem to correspond with the 7mm association drawings book, so as long as that is right.... The kit is designed to be built with either 5'0" or 4'6" wheelbase with tank length also to match. There are 2 sets of coupling rods to suit. It is several years now since I built the kit so can't remember about Palmerston's cab - I scratchbuilt an original open cab anyway. The motor mount is a fiddle. If I were to build another I would dispense with that and fit a High Level gearbox mated to either a mashima or probably a maxon. My model has an RG4 but my two Port Wynstay 'bricks' have Mercian chassis (supplied by Phil) and they were a pain in the neck to fit the motor. A good etched kit and an easy build. Paul PS must get to grips again with NGRM forum. Forget the password and forget to visit it !
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