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5780RE: [O14] Mercian FR 0-4-0 kit

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  • Frank Sharp
    Feb 14, 2014



      Not built one, but I've rebuilt a chassis for a friend.  Chassis truly shot, but it had done nearly 100 exhibitions. With a bit of califudging you can change the standard drive (30:1?) to a High Level 108:1 with a flywheel. Download HLG drawings and put over a drawing of the loco.  Whether it had, was just worn or I did it I don't remember but a slight rocking front axle a la Branchlines means it picks up reliably. Loco back with owner so can't check. Once you've one on HLG 108:1 plus flywheel you'll not use anything else. If you are a 7mm NGA member it is the same mech I used in the 'Peacock, Eagle and Dragon article a year or so ago. Mercian have supplied chassis without gearbox and motor if I've asked.


      If you come to Bolton I'll enrol you!




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