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5779Mercian FR 0-4-0 kit

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  • chrisveitch
    Feb 14, 2014
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      I've already posted this on the NGRM forum and I guess most members here will probably be there as well, but just in case, and with apologies for the repetition...

      (For connoisseurs of this message, it's slightly edited from the original). 

      I haven't seen much mention of the Mercian FR England 0-4-0 in 7mm scale (as opposed to 4mm). 


      My understanding is that the 4mm kit was shot down from the 7mm but I may be mistaken. Can anyone give me a fairly dispassionate view of how good the kit is, particularly how accurate its dimensions are compared to the any of the 5 prototypes which is supposedly represents? Presumably the 7mm version has the same common frames for the two different wheelbases like the 4mm one. I notice that the images on their website suggest that it's suitable for Princess, Welsh Pony and Palmerston and the latter certainly certainly seems to have the prototype's shorter cab. 

      Does anyone have any experience of building one (or more) or these which they're willing to share?



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