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5777Re: [O14] RE: Request to small manufacturers

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  • baldopeter
    Feb 9, 2014
      I have just posted a pic in a folder called 'SAR stock' of an AY
      Ballast wagon I started some eight years ago, so yours are not the only
      ones. The bogies defeated me for many years until I learnt 3D Autocad.
      I hope to finish the model some time in the future.....too busy doing
      Tal III and other projects now.

      Appologies this is 16.5mm as well.



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      From: vincent_wesstein <vincent_wesstein@...>
      To: O14 <O14@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Sun, Feb 9, 2014 9:28 pm
      Subject: [O14] RE: Request to small manufacturers

      Thanks all who responded (on- and offline!). Great to see people
      stepping up to find a solution :-)

      Keith, I'm well aware of Rob Waller and his excellent modelling skills.
      Dunno if you were a member then, but some years ago I presented a pair
      of 7 mm scale WHR Ballast wagons I'd commissioned from him to this
      group, to my knowledge still the only pair in existence! ;-) It sparked
      the 7 mm modelling surge Rob had, as his blog testifies :-)

      I've already decided to settle on the EDM bogies as well as the
      Zamzoodled couplers, but as I need quite a few I haven't got round to
      ordering them (as well as ot her priorities, I'm afraid. Sorry gents!).

      I'll let you in on a little secret. I'm also reading/participating on
      the NGRM forum. One of the moderators is Ted Polet, webmaster of the
      009 Soc. Dutch group. It so happened I visited him recently (he lives
      fairly local to me) and brought some 7 mm stuff with me. He then asked
      me to start a "workbench" thread about building a 7 mm Worsley Works
      WHR carriage. I intend to do so in the autumn, if possible. My aim is
      to get someone to try out 0-14 with a WHR carriage as the new route
      through Snowdonia remains quite popular. The modeller simply purchases
      the required parts, including the body by Worsley Works, bogies from
      Paul, couplers from John and interior parts from who-ever is goi ng to
      do these, put in his modelling skills and get a decent model out of it.

      Thanks again for your input so far!

      Regards, Vincent Wesstein
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