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5775RE: 7mm FR rolling stock kits

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  • heatonwood
    Feb 9, 2014
      Yes, Adrian they probably would. I made plastikard masters of 4 seats - double seats back to back and stand alone and same for single seats. The 'wooden' frame is part of the seat. A set of molds were made in silicone rubber. I decided on dental plaster after building the Dorset Kits carriages which came with plaster cast seats in the Kit. This gave good added weight to the finished model. The plaster takes about half an hour to set, so I set up a little production line on the kitchen work surface and when I had a couple of minutes spare would mix up a plaster mix and pour it and leave it to set.Within a couple of days I've had enough seats for three Welsh Highland carriages and a disgruntled wife who objected to the plaster all over the kitchen..... Resin would probably work just as well. We could talk to Mr Traxson about making some possibly. If there is interest I will post some photos of the carriages on the yahoo group. Paul
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