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65Fwd: C.S.C.L. Annual meeting

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  • Timothy Ahlgren
    Mar 26, 2012
      FYI - I am forwarding this out, in case anyone is interested!

      From: Jim Wilkes <hespelerleather@...>
      Date: March 22, 2012 9:00:41 PM EDT
      To: Carl Breidenich <cjbleather8@...>
      Cc: Little John <ljvnvmc@...>
      Subject: C.S.C.L. Annual meeting

      Hi Carl and Little John, I am a member of the iilg and also a member of the Canadian Society of the Creative Leathercraft guild in Canada.
      We are having our Annual meeting in April 20 to the 22  at the Burlington Art Center in Burlington which is just of the Queen Elizabeth highway that runs from Fort Erie to Toronto.
      Burlington is  just east of Hamilton.
      We are having Peter Main coming up from Houston Texas and he will be demonstrating and sharing his techniques  for a couple of days.
      If you are interested you can look up on the C.S.C.L. website which you pick up of the  iilg website on guilds on the right hand side of the News  to Use -News and Events.
      You can pass on this information to your guild members if they are interested.

      Thanks  for your time.

      Jim Wilkes




      O-MI-O Leathercrafters Guild

      Cell:  734-320-2576


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