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Salsa Dancing @ The West Gate

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  • john
    Ted ( Tedzjazz@aol.com ) wanted me to pass this on to the NSS..Hope you enjoy 9I read thru it, sounds great especally the dance lessons, but found the last
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2004
      Ted ( Tedzjazz@... ) wanted me to pass this on to the NSS..Hope
      you enjoy 9I read thru it, sounds great especally the dance lessons,
      but found the last paragraph interesting, to learn how latin clubs
      play diffrent type of music to get people to drink more

      WEST GATE LOUNGE - SIZZLING LATIN NIGHTS - Held in the nightclub of
      the Best Western Hotel, Nyack On Hudson, New York. 10:00 PM - 4:00
      AM. Ladies free before 10:00 PM except on band nights - see Calendar
      or see the West Gate Lounge Schedule on their web site. A long
      running Saturday night event featuring a lot of salsa music. The
      West Gate Lounge is a very attractive nightclub with a full service
      bar and restaurant which serves food very late, tables & chairs for
      relaxing and socializing, good lighting, and a friendly crowd of
      people. There are 2 separate dance floors, one medium size and the
      other smaller, both of which are a bit "slow" so wear your more
      slippery shoes. Salseros from NYC, New Jersey & Westchester County
      come regularly to enjoy the dancing. Fellow New York salseros
      Geovonie & Hilda teach two On 2 mambo classes from 8:00 - 10:00 PM
      before the main event begins, one class is beginner and the other is
      intermediate/advanced. Regular cover charge is $10 unless there is a
      band, and then the price varies based on the band. Call 845-358-8100
      for exact prices for the night. The 2 hour dance lesson is $15 which
      includes the price of admission for non-band nights. The dress code
      is "proper nightclub attire". For specific info on the dance class
      or private lessons, contact Geovonie & Hilda at 845-497-9847 or 212-
      709-7831 (ask for Kwame).

      The West Gate Lounge at the Best Western Hotel is located at 26 Route
      59, Nyack, NY 10960. Phone 845-358-8100. Fax 845-358-3644. Web
      site www.WestGateLounge.com . Very complete travel directions from
      all locations are provided by clicking on How To Get There . It is
      about a 30 - 45 minute drive from midtown Manhattan, depending on
      traffic, and there is plenty of free parking. To see a Yahoo map,
      which can be zoomed in and out, Click Here.

      Please Note: Commercial clubs like the West Gate Lounge are
      established to please their customers & make a profit. If they get
      enough complaints or suggestions, they will often make changes. As
      mambo dancers, you should make every effort to let the management &
      DJ know what type of music you want to hear, what volume & lighting
      conditions you want, how the dance floor should be, etc. If enough
      salsa lovers give their opinions to management & DJs, they will

      Also, since commercial clubs have high expenses and need to make a
      profit in order to stay open and continue playing lots of salsa, they
      will therefore cater to the customers who spend the most money.
      Mambo dancers can help get what they want by spending more money at
      the bar, even if it's sodas, fruit juices, virgin cocktails, water,
      sports drinks. You may think you're smart by not buying anything at
      a club, but actually you are pushing them to play more merengue,
      bachata & English music, because customers who prefer this music
      spend more money at the bar. If you want commercial clubs to feature
      more salsa nights, you have to pay for it by purchasing beverages at
      the bar. This is just simple economics. www.SalsaNewYork.com is not
      affiliated with any events or clubs; we are just being realistic.
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