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Trivia for a good cause! Bourbon Street, 132 Main St., Nyack 3-5PM tomorrow

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  • Barbara
    Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grade Penguin? The Penguin Plunge of Nyack where you get to plunge into the wintry waters of our beloved Hudson River while
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 23, 2013
      Are you "Smarter than a Fifth Grade Penguin?" The Penguin Plunge of Nyack where you get to plunge into the wintry waters of our beloved Hudson River while helping local families who have children with great medical needs, have a special pre-event tomorrow at Bourbon Street. We are having a trivia contest hosted by Tom Clifford who was featured in the NY Times. We also will have a tricky tray raffles and trophies to the first two teams. It is a family friendly event and the admission price includes snacks from Bourbon Street as well as complimentary raffle tickets. It is a cash bar but all the proceeds will go to the Penguin Plunge. The admission is $20 adults/$10 child. More information can be found at www.penguinplungeny.com
      This year, our recipients are from two amazing families from this area. One set of recipients is a set of nine year old fraternal twins, Bree and Max Hershkowitz from Chestnut Ridge. As is more common with multiple births, Bree and Max were born extremely premature and have had numerous medical complications. Max has cerebral palsy and a permanent shunt in his brain that requires ongoing medical treatment. He also has significant learning disabilities. Bree had most of her small intestine removed shortly after birth and suffers from conditions related to that operation. She will continue to need future surgeries to keep her healthy. Our second family is from nearby Harrington Park, NJ. Isabella Ruggiero, a beautiful four year old, was diagnosed with a malignant neuroblastoma. An extremely rare condition developed from this tumor-OMS, which has the effect of uncontrolled eye movement and jerkiness in her limbs. Furthermore, OMS can result in the decline of IQ. Besides dealing with this medical tragedy, Isabella's young mom, Wendy, had a pool injury this past Labor Day, leaving her paralyzed from the chest and below and her husband now taking care of his injured wife and three young daughters.
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