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15516Nyack Hospital Rated 10 worst Hospitals by CONSUMER REPORTS. What do you think?

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  • kyledamianryan
    May 1 2:37 PM
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      I think everyone should read this month’s issue of Consumer Reports. Out of 2,591 hospitals, Nyack hospital has scored in the bottom 10 . That’s pretty impressive in a very bad way!

      The May 2014 issue has been out for over two weeks now, and no local media outlet has covered this.  Why?


      So, Not only did Nyack Hospital score in the Bottom ten of 2,591 hospitals in CONSUMER REPORTS magazines latest May 2014 issue, but now Nyack Hospital adds more services instead of bettering its existing inadequate programs. Please click link to lohud.com story below entitled “Nyack Hospital to open mental health care center Tuesday”



      As a homeowner in the very near vicinity of the hospital, I, and my neighbors have another specific issue with this new facility, and quite frankly I'm outraged!!! This new center for mental wellness adds 65 more employees to a business that can't even provide adequate parking for its existing employees!!!  How does the Mayor and Council of Nyack justify forcing small business owners to pay for parking spots, and yet allow the hospital to employ 65 more people (thusly 65 more cars)??  I'm tired of hospital employees taking up all the spots on our streets, blocking our driveways, and beating them up by using them as turnarounds. The additional overflow parking the hospital has is overcrowded daily, and needs to be addressed (I have pictures to prove it). All of the streets in the near vicinity of the hospital are in disrepair because of the high traffic the employees create. Curbs are half worn down, and the streets are full of potholes. Every major hospital I know of has a multi-level parking garage when they don’t have enough land (Englewood, Hackensack, And Valley hospitals all have parking decks). They NEED to build one. A tall one. I find it disturbing that the hospital profits by charging for valet parking in its primary lot, but then dumps its employees on the street ruining all the neighbors’ quality of life.


      Aside from working on better care, and improving on its bottom ten status, Nyack hospital needs to be forced to be a better neighbor, and should have been forced to provide better infrastructure for its business BEFORE it added 65 more employees.


      What do you think about the way Nyack Hospital has been run, and what do you think has been lacking in terms of quality of service and infrastructure??

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