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23288Re: [NTB] How do you create a shortcut to a file or folder?

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  • flo.gehrke
    Jan 15, 2014
      --- In notetab@yahoogroups.com, "albent@..." <albent@...> wrote:

      > I would like to open/connect/hyperlink to a folder/directory on my
      > hard drive (eg... F:\health\) using Notetab. I see there is a clip
      > that opens explorer in Notetab, is there a way to add the
      > directory/folder I'm trying to connect to, to this clip

      There's no need to start the Explorer for that. In NT, the options are...

      1. Favorites: Choose 'Favorites | Organize | Go to Favorites' and add 'F:\health\' to the list. Now you can open that directory using the 'Favorites' command -- which, of course, is no real shortcut.

      2. Clip: ^!Open ^?{(T=O)Choose a file:=F:\health\}

      > Also is there a way to connect/hyperlink/open to a file, (say for
      > instance I would like to open a pdf file using a link that I have
      > inserted into Notetab) (eg...F:\health\health.pdf).

      In order to directly opening a specific file:

      3.1 Add the filename to #1 or #2, or use a clip like...

      ^!Open F:\health\health.pdf

      3.2 Use a NT hyperlink:


      For more details, see 'Help | Help Topics | How To | Use Web and Document Links'.

      Note: In NT (Standard and Pro only), keyboard shortcuts are assigned using the Shortcuts.dat file. Open that file for more details. However, these shortcuts can activate normal menu commands only but - AFAIK - no links to specific files or folders. That is, Shortcuts.dat is mainly used to change given shortcuts you see in the menu.

      For enhanced options, you have to use tools like PowerPro etc.

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