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Mabus, 500-Day Revolt and the 3rd Anti-Christ

The Israeli assassination of Sheik Ahmed Yassin, founder and spiritual leader of Hamas, has "opened the gates of hell." This is according to a statement
Mar 24, 2004

Caribbean in Crisis

Sometimes working with these quatrains becomes peculiarly unsettling for me. Words from what Nostradamus told Dolores Cannon published now over a decade ago
Feb 25, 2004

Nostradamus and Taoist Wisdom

... THE CENTURIES THROUGH THE EYES OF TAOIST WISDOM In his treatise "Dao De Jing" (Tao Te Ching), Lao Zi points out: when hear about Dao, some fill with joy
Dec 13, 2003

The Crazed Leader From the Middle East

Who is this "crazed" Middle Eastern leader that Nostradamus told Dolores Cannon about in Century II-3? Nostradamus wouldn't say the name, only that this leader
Mar 13, 2003

Close to the Attack

On the surface, Century VI-19 seems to have no meaning to current events, or even to the US, France and Saddam Hussein. Or even the "flame," "lady" and
Addison <crossword_puzzle_solver@yahoo.c
Mar 3, 2003

Fire Dragging a Trail of Sparks

When Dolores Cannon asked Nostradamus to explain Century II, Quatrain 46, which describes in translation "in the sky will be seen a fire dragging a trail of
Addison <crossword_puzzle_solver@yahoo.c
Feb 20, 2003

Troubled Space Program

Nostradamus told Dolores Cannon that CENTURY VI-34 predicted the Challenger accident. In his explanation, he said the accident would expose a behind-the-scenes
Addison <crossword_puzzle_solver@yahoo.c
Feb 4, 2003

Re: Digest Number 214

This time, things will come quite different than September 1999... The prophecies are fulfilling now, Colombia was the “comet” referred by Nostradamus, in
C Ferreira
Feb 4, 2003

Columbia was the Comet?

Hogue Prophecy Bulletin 3 February 2003 "MABUS SOON DIES... WHEN THE COMET WILL PASS." Nostradamus (Century 2 Quatrain 62) THE "COMET" WAS SPACE SHUTTLE
Feb 3, 2003

Nostradamus conference??

Hello, Does anybody know about any conference on Nostradamus to be held this year? Please reply to: hanlin_academy@... Thanks, Anna Pecheva Hanlin
hanlin_academy <hanlin_academy@...>
Jan 27, 2003

US Enters Iraq

Nostradamus told Dolores Cannon in 1989 that President Bush would lead the US and its allies into war with Iraq. When Cannon published the prediction in
Addison <crossword_puzzle_solver@yahoo.c
Jan 23, 2003

"Roi d'Angolmois" ?

"Roi d'Angolmois" ? "King of the Jacquerie" ? "King of the Mongols" ? Does anyone know where I can get good detailed interpretations of the above phrase. ??
Atossa <rusatossa@...>
Dec 30, 2002

Re: King of TERROR ?!

"In the year 1999, and seven months, From the sky will come the great King of Terror To raise again the great King of the [Mongols ?], Before and after, Mars
Atossa <rusatossa@...>
Dec 30, 2002

Re: Digest Number 210

Hello, Can you give any extra info on this ? Regards, Carlos ... _________________________________________________________________ Protect your PC - get
C Ferreira
Dec 30, 2002

King of TERROR ?!

It is a shame this group is not active anymore... because Nostradamus was right on target with his X-72 prediction... only the truth is hidden from the view of
Atossa <rusatossa@...>
Dec 29, 2002
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