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FS- Lot of 24 New Valances, Curtains (Read)- $10 obo - Gainesville

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  • Nay : )
    There s a condition with these new (most are in packages), Valances and Curtain Panels. They ve been bagged up in a trashbag and stored in a garage for a
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 4, 2010
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      There's a condition with these new (most are in packages), Valances and Curtain Panels.
      They've been bagged up in a trashbag and stored in a garage for a little over 2 years .. and they have a smell. Usually I can pinpoint most smells, but I have no idea of even how to describe it. The price tags on some of these valances  go as high as $18.99.
      If you want to take the time to deodorize them, they could possible make you a little money. I don't have the time to bother with them. and not sure that the ones in the packages even smell, but the ones that are not in packages do. They come in assorted measurements.

      Here's just a basic List of the items in this lot--
      1 - Long set curtain panels (NIP) color - off white (msrp $7.99)
      1 Tie back - sears brand- (msrp $6.79)
      1 NIP Balloon Valance - color - onyx spring time (msrp $18.99)
      1 NIP DBL rod pocket curtain - color - ivory (msrp $3.99) - sears
      2 NIP (sears brand) Blouson Valances - color: Grey - (msrp $8.99 ea)
      1 NIP (Sears brand ) Elements Valance - Color: Grey - (msrp $14.99)
      1 Flowery Valance in autumn colors (msrp $4.99)
      1 NIP (sears) Elements Valance - Color: Blue - (msrp $14.99)
      1 NIP (sears) Pair of Bow Tiebacks - Color: Autumn Wheat (msrp $12.99)
      1 Valance - Color: rose & not so white
      1 - 2 piece set of corner panel valances, looks like a thick lace like pattern. colors are rose and off white.
      2 Rose colored panel curtains
      2 Champaigne colored valances
      3 soft yellow colored valances, 2 are corner pieces that look balloony (I'm not an expert, just trying to describe what I see)
      1 NIP Spring Crest Valance
      1 Pair of NIP Bow Tiebacks - Color: Royal Blue (msrp $12.99) sears
      1 NIP pair Bow tie backs - Color: Apricot
      1 NIP Valance - color: soft Blue
      1 NIP Valance - color: cream

      I will not sell these seperately. I need the whole bag out of my way, is why I'm selling as a lot (hope you understand). $10 or best offer for all 24 items.

      I do not have a camera that works, plenty that don't work. If you would like to schedule a time to come out and see them (during daylight hours only) and not until after 1pm Friday (or anytime during the daylight today or saturday or sunday). Just reply to this email or (at) yahoo (dot) com.

      Due to past experiences with "no shows", I will not hold items. Will sell to The first person with cash in hand (correct amounts only plz- I cannot make change unless you take pennies and have the patience to sit through a 4 yr old counting them out. She gets stuck at 50 and jumps to 61. we're working on it.)



      Nay :)

      "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." ~ Chinese Proverb

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