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baby items, and more for sale

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  • jessica_918babygirl
    I have for sale girl clothes o to 3 monthes all the way up to 6 to 9 monthes for sale, it is a whole trash bag and half of another. I also have for sale 0 to 3
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 4, 2007
      I have for sale girl clothes o to 3 monthes all the way up to 6 to 9
      monthes for sale, it is a whole trash bag and half of another.

      I also have for sale 0 to 3 monthes up to 6 to 9 monthes boy clothes,
      these clothes are almost new, and i have about three trash bags full
      of them, its over 300 pieaces of clothing and shoes etc...

      I also have a wooden crib with two matresses, and also a pooh bear
      bumper pad set with the sheets and all, and 3 more sets of bumper
      pads, and also have a pooh bear swing and brand new pooh bear carseat
      and playpen, and also have a breast pump that i paid almost $200 for
      but would sale for only $50, also have maternity clothing some small
      all the way up to xl, and also have two bottle warmers, and a bottle
      sterilyzer, and also another metal like crib/ bassinate this item is
      my favorite out of all, its white, its bigger than a bassinate but
      way smaller than a crib, i personaly have never found one anywhere so
      thats why i bought it, but we are moving to a apt and only so much
      will fit, I am wanting $40 for this obo. I do have pics for people
      who are interested.

      I also have three bouncers, one is elmo the other is pink and the
      other one is pooh.

      Also for sale is three other carseats two of them are almost
      idenicle, great for twins, theses are blue in color.

      Also for sale is a oak computer desk, this desk is a $800 desk it
      connects with the other side, it has three draws where the computer
      would set at, the the other side where it connects it has a total of
      8 draws, and a spot for a file cabinate or a shreader,, i also have
      a $200 printer, you can put in any kind of chip, and print photos off
      of it,it is a hp photo printer the 7550 serieies,you can edit
      photos, zoom in, capture, rotate, and it also has a menu, you can
      add frame, or color effect, slide show, create album, or just print
      index page, and much more, you can even press clean carlitage on it,
      and it cleans them, this printer is the best i ever seen hp make,
      also for sell a three month ols e machines computer that i payed
      $800 for, it has internet, and has windows vista, if you would like
      to know more about let me know. I am asking $800 FOR ALL OF THIS, IT
      IS ALMOST A $2000 VAULE!!!I will even throw in the office chair so
      now you have everything...

      also for sale is 2 entertainment centers oak and white, and also a
      lot of movies for sale, contact me for a list.we also have a 32 inch
      tv for sale, we will sale it with the entertainment center for $ 75
      for both obo.the white one is $100 wth tv.

      also for sale a sofa bed $20 just to get it gone, and also two book
      shelves, both for $20.

      also for sale is a $400 dishwasher that we are selling for $150
      $200, we have two of these, this one has a counter top on it and is
      almost new, works great, no pipes to deal with, just hook it write to
      your sink or other, the other one is black and were asking $75 obo.

      also for sell two night stands, oak and cherry, and others.

      We also have a very very old cradle that was restored, nice one, were
      asking $100 for this.

      also a dress thats red white very pretty, i paid $100 for it but
      will sell for $40 email for a pic.

      A PIC..
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