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Fw: San Antonio RPCV Newsflash: Tubing and Dinner in Bandera and More

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  • Ed & Maria Hromatka
    Dear RPCVs and Friends, First things first, tubing and All-Texas RPCV event is this weekend! If you plan to attend the Saturday dinner, be sure to email
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 29, 2009
      Dear RPCVs and Friends,

      First things first, tubing and All-Texas RPCV event is this weekend!  If you plan to attend the Saturday dinner, be sure to email Stacey at stacey_abella@...Here's the information from the Gulf Coast RPCVs:

      RPCV Get-Together in Bandera August 1-2!!!!!

      Who: All Texas Gulf Coast RPCV's and their families / friends (Houston / San Antonio / Austin / Dallas)!
      What: Annual RPCV Weekend Get-Together in Bandera, the cowboy capital of Texas (30 miles west of San Antonio)!
      Where/when to meet:  The river water levels are very low due to a Texas drought, so this year we will cool off at at the Flying L Water Park in Bandera 800-292-5134, website http://flyingl.com/index.php/activities/water-park.  Half price tickets are available after 3pm ($7.50 for children age 3-12 and $12.50 for age 12+).  See you there at 3pm on Sat., Aug 1! Alternatively, there are markets and a Cowboys on Horseback event in downtown Bandera if you prefer: http://www.hill-country-visitor.com/Events.aspx?cityId=1.

      Meet us for dinner Saturday night (August 1st), 7pm @ Texarita’s Mesquite Bar & Cantina, corner of Main and Oak Street at 703 Main.  Great food and margaritas in a family atmosphere.  Live music at 11th Street Cowboy Bar for those of us who are up for it after dinner!

      Breakfast Sunday morning (August 2nd), 9:30am @ O.S.T. (great food and atmosphere!) @ 305 Main Street in Bandera. 

      Some convenient suggestions on available places to stay:
      Please RSVP for DINNER SATURDAY, AUG. 1 AT 7PM as Texarita’s is a popular spot!  Email Stacey at stacey_abella@... or call 832-668-6643

      Report on the ongoing project with Jerry, PCV in Macedonia. 
      We have supported his project with funding.  If you are on Facebook, there is a link at the end of his story with pictures.  He corresponds with Sarah Canez so we're happy to share the details.

      Subject: Fw: Our PC volunteer in Macedonia - his report to us on how things are progressing
      Subject: 2009: Site 45

      Hi Sarah, just wanted to share with you some photos from the project.  Basketball has been going very well as the coach keeps that sustainable.  We continue to have about 250 kids in Berovo and a nearby town.  We've played quite a few exhibition games against teams from other towns as well.

      Football has continued to be popular, but I'm still hoping that I can find a coach for this for the long term.  I think the basketball coach or the high school PE teacher will take this one over.  We don't have a set schedule, but kids join in to play everytime I'm out there.  They're starting to get the hang of the game and really enjoy it.

      Baseball was just launched over the 4th of July.  I tried to introduce it earlier, but realized that it was a very difficult game to explain.  I actually started by introducing kickball as the rules are pretty much the same, but kdis were still running pegging each other.  So another PCV and his parents just so happened to be visiting this past weekend and they helped me teach the game.  The kids absolutely LOVED baseball!  Again, the hope is that the high school will take this over when I leave.

      In other news, we're close to getting a room to teach karate, self defense, and yoga.  Those will all work simultaneously with the help of my site mate PCV.  We have a HCN coach for Karate and self defense.

      For the educational activities, we had a girl from AIESEC Singapore and another PCV come and teach a sex ed class to the children.  That worked pretty well and the kids seemed interested in having more workshop.....out at the sports field where all the kids are in the afternoons.  We hunt for kids pretty often there....

      Also, my site mate and I plan to begin English converstaion hours in about 2 weeks.  We continue to get a lot of interst from 30+ year olds, since they never had a chance to learn in school.  So that will work well.

      Things have been slow to develop, but it seems like we're hitting a grove now.  It takes awhile for the people here to feel comfortable with something new.  But, it seems like it's catching fire.  I realized I couldn't implement some of these activities (ie. baseball) without some serious support from other PCVs or HCNs.  But I'm getting that support now.


      Jerry has shared a link to a photo with you. To view the photo or to reply to the message, follow this link:

      Peace Corps Recruiting Event - Save the Date - August 15th
      Want to meet Peace Corps applicants and nominees?  The Peace Corps recruiter from Dallas, Samantha is co-hosting a potluck party with us - the San Antonio RPCVs on August 15th at the home of Sarah and Dan Canez.  Directions are forthcoming, but please save the date. 

      Many thanks for reading all the way to the end!  Have a great week. 

      Katie Prentice
      Latvia 2000-2002
      Newsletter Editor

      San Antonio Returned Peace Corps Volunteers
      Questions or comments?  Please contact the news editor, Katie Prentice directly at kprentice@...
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