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Report on last night's Peace Corps Partnership Fund Raiser

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  • Ed & Maria Hromatka
    The gross receipts at last night s International Fund Raiser for the Peace Corps Partnership Program were $765, one of our best ever fund raisers. After we
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2009
      The gross receipts at last night's International Fund Raiser for the Peace Corps Partnership Program were $765, one of our best ever fund raisers.  After we deduct the cost of ice, soft drinks, papusas, etc., we expect to net well over $700.
      More importantly, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.
      A big thank you to Gary and Judy Zimny for hosting the event on two days notice after a family medical emergency forced the change of location from Arlington.
      Let us single out Bonnie Barron and her non-Peace Corps friends for doing so much of the organization, the invitations, and money collecting.
      Finally, let us all the applaud the fabulous cooks:
      • Roger and Kathy Chapin  -- flan  and three layers of meat filled empanadas.
      • Jim and Zarela Hamill -- Peruvian Chicken "Anticuchos" (on a stick) & Peruvian Potatoes with an unique spicy sauce. 
      • Harry and Ana Thoman - Ensalada Rusa with chicken.
      • Colin Johnson -- The exotic green topped Guatemalan dish.
      • Maria Hromatka -- Ecuadorian fritata (bit-sized pork), baguette bread, and a "mote" (hominy) plate. 
      • Mike Herrington and Charlie - Two huge containers of Ecuadorian "arroz con pollo" (chicken-rice casserole).
      • Al Hindall - Two containers of a very different Colombian yucca stew with tomatoes.
      • Mary Beth Mayer and friend Sammy -- Honduran refried beans and cookies.
      • Bill Tustin -  Brazilian "moqueca" (seafood stewed in coconut milk with peppers and tomatoes)
      • Sarah Hodges - Tortillas
      Thank you to every one for coming!
      Upcoming June events: 
      • June 20 -- Pot Luck Party with new Peace Corps nominees and PC Office staff at Roger & Kathy Chapin's home in Richardson.
      • June 25 -- Happy Hour at the Ginger Man in Uptown Dallas.
      Best wishes,
      Ed Hromatka
      May 30 International Dinner Coordinator
      972-722-5254 - home
      214-564-7201 - cell
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