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Fw: Dallas Morning News article on Chris Hamill

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  • Ed & Maria Hromatka
    Regarding Jim and Zarela Hamill s (RPCV/Peru) grandson, their fifth grade grandson beat all the high school and middle school students in the Lewisville ISD.
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 11, 2009
      Regarding Jim and Zarela Hamill's (RPCV/Peru) grandson, their fifth grade grandson beat all the high school and middle school students in the Lewisville ISD.  Congradulations!

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      Chess King/Wrestling Champion/Math Whiz—Are YOU Smarter than this 5th grader?
      Southridge 5th grader Chris Hamill won the L.I.S.D. Winter Chess Tournament and the $500 accompanying scholarship at Monday night’s School Board Meeting in the Bolin Center.  It is the first time in the tournament’s 10 year history that the event has been won by an elementary student. 
      Hamill says he’s glad he won the tournament, “The trophy is really cool, but I can’t believe I won the $500 scholarship!  I have seven more cha nces to win this tournament, I could make up to $4000 just playing chess!”
      Chris who credits his father, Michael Hamill (an actuary with Perr & Knight in Fort Worth) as being his “mentor, trainer, coach and greatest cheerleader” says he’s been playing chess with his dad for eight years.  In that time, he says his father always won every match “…until recently, I’ve finally beaten him for the first time. In the last two weeks I’ve beaten him three times,-- he’s won 27 times, --but hey, it’s a start!”
      The ten-year-old Lewisville native says he loves math, and “chess is the greatest math game in history, no other sport challenges your brain like chess!” And he should know, for you see Chris is not only Lewisville’s current Favorite Son of Chess—he’s also a Two-Time State, Regional and National Champion in Wrestling (in his age-group). 
      He’s a member of the Dallas Dynamite Wrestling Club, and practices four times a week for an hour and a half at a time.  “I love wrestling.  It’s all math-did I tell you I love math?  Wrestling is just a physical math game—math for your body, chess is a mental math game—math for your brain!”
      What does the future hold for this accomplished young man? “Oh well, I’m going to wrestle all the way through college. If  I’m good enough, I might get to go to the Olympics…but chess?  I’ll always play chess—my whole life!”
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