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"Link Up" with an International Student

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  • juliaholmer
    Hi everyone! My name is Julie and I ve met many of you at the Peace Corps dinners and happy hours. I work with Courtney Bauman, who was a PCV in Namibia, in
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 17, 2008
      Hi everyone!

      My name is Julie and I've met many of you at the Peace Corps dinners
      and happy hours. I work with Courtney Bauman, who was a PCV in
      Namibia, in the Office of International Education at UTA.

      I just wanted to let you know that there is a great way to get
      involved with international students studying here in the US at UT
      Arlington. Depending on where you were located, you may be able to
      be matched with someone from that country. UTA has around 2500
      international students that have come from 100 countries all over the
      world. The program is called The Link and we match international
      students with Arlington community members/families that want to be
      friends with an international student. We ask that Link partners
      meet up at least once a month for a school year and it is up to the
      Link partners to decide on their activities, which can range from
      going out for coffee, cooking meals from eachother's cultures, or
      celebrating a holiday. (Many of the int'l students are excited to
      cook you meals from their countries.) Through the process of signing
      up international students for this program I've met so many students
      that I'd like to be "linked" with, but I can't claim them all, so
      that's why I thought of the Peace Corps vols. You can read more
      about it on the website, and find the application at:
      http://www.uta.edu/oie/programs/the_link.php (Also these students are
      looking for people of all ages to be linked with- so don't think
      you're too old or too young to be linked with a college student- they
      just want a sense of family, someone to take interest in them and
      show them a little bit about American culture.) Or let me know if you
      know someone else who might be interested.

      When I receive your application, I'll contact you to orient you
      briefly to the program, and then I will email you some brief info
      about your partner and their country. Then we ask that the community
      members be the first to initiate contact so there is no confusion.
      Any questions, concerns or problems should be directed to me.

      Feel free to email me, Julie Holmer, at jholmer@..., or call me
      at 817.272.2355 with any questions or concerns.

      Thanks and have a great day!

      Julie Holmer
      Program Coordinator
      Office of International Education
      University of Texas at Arlington
      1022 UTA Blvd
      Arlington, TX 76019
      T 817-272-2355
      F 817-272-5005
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