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RPCV Reunion

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  • Gary Zimny
    PEACE CORPS REUNION The weekend of August 22-24, a Peace Corps Reunion entitled Peace Corps & Friends A Celebration , is being held in Fort Collins, Colorado.
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      The weekend of August 22-24, a Peace Corps Reunion entitled "Peace Corps & Friends A Celebration", is being held in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Organized to celebrate our contributions to the world through the work of the Peace Corps, the event is sponsored by Beet Street, an initiative of the Fort Collins Downtown Development Authority, known for its dynamic cultural and arts programming.  Highlights include keynote addresses by Jody Olsen, Peace Corps Deputy Director (RPCV-Tunisia); Kevin Quigley, NPCA President (RPCV-Thailand); and Carl Pope, Executive Director Sierra Club (RPCV-India).  Additional keynote speakers, soon to be announced, will also be featured.
      The weekend will be dedicated to celebrating where we have been and defining our role in the future.  Included will be a tribute to Colorado State University's Maury Albertson, Pauline Birky-Kreutzer, and Andrew Rice highlighting their Youth Corps work which helped lay the functional foundation for Peace Corps.  Numerous social and artistic events will be featured highlighted by Composer Halim El-Dabh's Symphony for 1,000 drums, a Concert for Peace featuring the Kingston Trio and Cadillac Sky, and a Peace Corps photography exhibition sponsored by the Center for Fine Art Photography and curated by Dr. Anthony Bannon, Director of the George Eastman House.
      The role and mission of the Peace Corps in the future will be the subject of several RPCV dialogs.  Jack Vaughn, PC Director 1966-1969, will join Deputy Director Jody Olsen and Pat Waak (RPCV-Brazil), Chair of the Colorado Democratic Party, in discussing 21st Century Peacemaking; while Carl Hammerdorfer (RPCV-Mali), Director of Colorado State University's Global Social & Sustainable Enterprise Program, will moderate a panel on innovations for developing countries.  Also featured will be a forum on current and future initiatives for health, education and peace.
      Further information and registration as well the full event schedule and updates can be found at www.beetstreet.org/Peace-Corps-Reunion.

      Arianne Burger
      President, Peace Corps/VISTA Alumni of Colorado
      Kazakhstan 99-01

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