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Fw: Int'l Surface Mail Petition Approaches 5,000 !

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  • Ed & Maria Hromatka
    From: John Turnbull To: NPCA Group Leaders Sent: Saturday, August 11, 2007 3:11 PM Subject: Int l Surface Mail Petition Approaches 5,000 ! Hello PC
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 13, 2007
      Sent: Saturday, August 11, 2007 3:11 PM
      Subject: Int'l Surface Mail Petition Approaches 5,000 !

      Hello PC Groupleaders,
       A couple messages sent earlier had asked Groupleaders to Fwd this to their membership, with encouragement to add their names and comments to this Int'l Surface Mail petition.  As of today, 11 Aug 07, the total signatures has risen to 4,500, a remarkable number considering that almost none stand to gain anything personally from it.  Purely a wish for a better world, in the Peace Corps tradition, and a plea to the gov't to assist.
      I would ask you all to send this reminder out again,  since it seems each time (to maybe four times) elicits another round of signatures and comments.  I would like to see the petition exceed 6,000.  It is probably the single most valuable thing we can do to support the current efforts of the NPCA Advocacy Program (Jonathan Pearson), and our non-PC associates.  Later, hopefully,  there will be hearings in Congress, and the need to contact Senators and Representatives.  I am told that the attitude of congressional staffers is very positive, and flattering of our humanitarian concern.  There is reason to be optimistic.
      It basically has to do with the US Postal Service decision to eliminate inexpensive international surface mail, by which all textbooks and printed material have traditionally been shipped,  in favor of faster air mail -- at three to four times the cost. This single decision has virtually eliminated many teaching, literacy, and library programs sponsored by serving PCVs, and a surprisingly large and varied number of OTHER efforts, including hospitals, health training, environmental protection, and wildlife preservation, all over the world.  It is shocking the number of admirable efforts, PC aside, which have been demolished as a result of this one gov't decision. But the Postal Service has provided us the opportunity to express ourselves concerning this  decision, and we shouldn't waste the opportunity afforded us.  Click  http://www.petitiononline.com/zikomo/petition.html 
      Several organizations, lead by Shannon Brown, Friends of Malawi, and Michael Quint, Books for Israel,  have begun a web-site addressing the issue.  Access it at 
       M-Bags-subscribe@yahoogroups.com  There is a lot of informed discussion here.
      This is a noble effort, if ever there was one.  It sends a message far greater than simply the issue of mail; and that being that there are MANY Americans who continue to adhere to the vision of John F Kennedy and the founders of the Peace Corps, that patient work toward understanding among peoples, and the effect of education, ultimately is the only path to world peace. This was the vision of authors William Lederer and Eugene Burdick, a half century ago, whose writings were the inspiration for the Peace Corps itself.  Right now, more than ever, Washington needs to hear this.
      I think now is the time for these thoughts about peace to reemerge, as an alternative to roadside bombs, murder, hate, and mass carnage. This petition furthers that.  One little candle above a sea of darkness.
      Best regards to all,   John Turnbull   Santa Fe    New Mexico Peace Corps Assoc
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