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Temporary Recruiter Position Open at Dallas Office

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  • rideaqhtoday
    The Dallas Regional Office is currently looking for a Temporary Recruiter to begin on February 18, 2007. Please refer to the job description below. All
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 24, 2007
      The Dallas Regional Office is currently looking for a Temporary
      Recruiter to begin on February 18, 2007. Please refer to the job
      description below. All applications must be received by February 4,
      Best regards,
      Shannon Borders
      Public Affairs Specialist

      Immediate Opening: Temporary Recruiter
      Peace Corps Dallas Regional Office
      Job Description: Temporary Recruiter, FP-0301-7 (Equivalent to GS-
      This position is located in the Dallas Regional Office under the
      jurisdiction of the Office of Volunteer Recruitment and Selection,
      Peace Corps. The incumbent serves as a Volunteer Recruiter under the
      general supervision of the Regional Manager. The purpose of the
      position is to recruit qualified, scarce skill applicants and to
      build awareness of all Peace Corps programs in the region. This is a
      temporary position and will extend from February 18 through May 12,

      Campaign Planning 20%
      Identifies opportunities for recruitment of individuals with scarce
      skill for the Dallas Regional Office's five state region (AR, LA,
      NM, OK, TX), and develops comprehensive plans for both campus and
      community recruitment activities. Assists recruiters in identifying
      and implementing specialty recruitment campaign blitzes.

      Campaign Promotion Responsibilities 30%
      Assists as a team member in marketing campaigns to promote
      Recruitment events a activities. Assists Public Affairs Specialist
      and Recruiters in implementing marketing campaigns. Serves as team
      member for campus and community-based recruitment drives.

      Reviews all information pertinent to planned campaigns and develops
      recruitment/awareness plans that effectively utilize staff and other
      resources to reach targeted markets, i.e. scarce skills, senior
      Americans and minorities. Assists Public Affairs Specialist in
      planning campaign publicity and securing local media support.
      Contacts community, professional and academic resource people and
      organizations, enlisting their support of local recruitment efforts.
      Ensures that appropriate printed materials are prepared and
      necessary equipment is secured for campaigns. Arranges public
      speaking engagements and audio-visual presentations. As necessary,
      makes travel accommodation and logistical arrangements related to
      Assists the Regional Manager and the recruiters in the development
      of the Regional Office recruiting schedule by researching possible
      campaign sites, reviewing and analyzing campaign data, and
      recommending recruitment dates and duration of planned visits.

      Recruitment Activities 50%
      Implements planned blitz recruitment campaigns. Travels to campaign
      sites within the Regional Office jurisdiction to conduct on-site
      awareness activities. Makes presentation before classes, campus
      and professional organizations, and community groups that promote
      Peace Corps and highlight recruitment needs, Utilizes class talks,
      general and special focus information meetings and other formats in
      community and campus settings to support recruitment goals. Seeks
      additional opportunities to present the Peace Corps recruitment
      message through public forums and the media, utilizing available
      technology including the Internet. especially in scarce skill areas
      such as education. Performs straightforward and non-controversial
      tasks to assist in the development and maintenance of relationships
      with various stakeholders. Participates in interview with print and
      electronic media. Prepares written reports highlighting relevant
      campaign plans, activities, and results.

      Responds to general inquiries about the Peace Corps by explaining
      terms and conditions of volunteer service, application and selection
      procedures, etc., and provides other relevant programmatic
      information. Provides written materials and applications to
      interested individuals. Encourages qualified individuals to submit
      applications to the Peace Corps and tactfully discourages those
      people with non-competitive skins or low motivation from applying.
      Counsels non-competitive applicants in ways to enhance skills to
      improve future placement possibilities.

      Deadline for Application: Sunday, February 4, 2007

      Send letter of interest and current resume via email to: Daniel
      Mendieta dmendieta@...
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