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Thanksgiving Work Project in Rio Bravo, Mexico

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  • Ed & Maria Hromatka
    RPCV Rob Foree from Austin sent this note on the Amigos de las Escuelas project in Rio Bravo, Mexico -- across the river from McAllen, Texas. The Hill
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 4, 2006
      RPCV Rob Foree from Austin sent this note on the "Amigos de las Escuelas" project in Rio Bravo, Mexico -- across the river from McAllen, Texas.   The Hill Country RPCVs began this project after Hurricane Gilbert in 1988.   It is the closest thing possible to being a PCV again for 4 days.  Ed Hromatka
      Thanksgiving Rio Bravo Trip Info

      Much has been happening lately in Rio Bravo between volunteer trips.
      Our tutoring program has been so successful it's gotten lots of press.
       Marco, the community center director is working to develop a model
      for others to replicate of how to train tutors and manage such a
      program.  He's recently begun a program to teach tutors to evaluate
      learning difficulties.  He's had many requests for evaluation of
      children, and has recently hired a second social worker to help with
      this task!

      We have also done construction projects now in 5 different
      communities.   This trip will be working in Integration Familiares,
      where we are working to set up a model kindergarten in the next year
      or so demonstrating the constructivist teaching/learning style.

      We're about to lose some board members to relocation, so are looking
      for interested folks to get involved with grant writing, organizing
      logistics of future trips, helping spin off parts of the project to
      local (Mexican) leadership, and planning for the future.  Contact Rob
      or Julia if interested.  There's always something you could do, even
      without leaving Austin!

      Trip Info:
      Dates: Thursday Nov 28-Sun Nov 29.   (Thanksgiving Morning departure
      from Austin)
      7 hour car trip (one hour of that is for stopping for food) to RB,
      just across the border from McAllen.

      Cost: $120-220/person depending on how frugal you are with meals and
      whether you share a hotel room/queen bed, and share driving down.

      Bring: your Drivers License.  This may be the last trip that won't
      need a passport!
      Bring a friend or two or three!  Bring your car if you'd like…we'll
      help find passengers to share the gas costs.  Bring sunscreen, a hat,
      extra shoes in case it rains.  A disposable camera.

      We stay in a $35/night hotel (split up to 4 ways) similar to a small Super 8.

      Needs: Muscles or willingness to try new things and follow directions,
      or willingness to play with kids to keep them busy and away from the

      Plans: Complete work on a Kindergarten building, pour a cement slab,
      and put up a playground fence in a new neighborhood: Integration
      Familiar.   More details soon from Sam.

      For More Information contact: Julia Foree 339-2399 or

      P.S.. if you want off this list, please let me know
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