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Agenda for the September NPCA Celebration in Washington

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  • Ed & Maria Hromatka
    Dear Group Leaders, This email is to let you know about the ongoing 45th Anniversary activities and our remaining plans. As agreed by the Board l ast July,
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 8, 2006

      Dear Group Leaders,

      This email is to let you know about the ongoing 45th Anniversary activities and our remaining plans.

      As agreed by the Board l ast July, NPCA’s approach to the 45th Anniversary has been to organize decentralized activities enabling many more members of the Peace Corps community to participate.

      So far, we have organized six Open Houses in conjunction with Peace Corps (Brattleboro, Phoenix, Austin, Omaha, Miami, and Portland) and will organize other four before July (New York, Dearborn, Milwaukee and Baltimore).  These Open Houses have involved nearly 1,000 participants.

      Last week, NPCA participated in Peace Corps’s Anniversary Celebration on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC and at the JFK Library in Boston, which was organized with the assistance of the Boston Area RPCV Group.  These events had more than 700 participants.

      We are also working with affiliates who want to organize their own Anniversary events.  So far, we have helped with nine other events.

      This weekend we are organizing a series of Anniversary-related events for Director’s Circle members.  These will include participating in an event at Peace Corps with President Alejandro Toledo of Peru, an event at the residence of the Indonesian Ambassador, which will include Director Vasquez and the last Peace Corps Country Director in Indonesia, a special tour of the National Archives collection of Peace Corps material, as well as briefings on Peace Corps and NPCA and a 45th Anniversary Dinner.

      We know many groups are making plans to organize reunions and other events in Washington, D.C. in mid-September.  To help with your planning, here is information on the Anniversary-related and other activities that NPCA is facilitating.

      Thursday, September 14, 8am-7pm

      Meet with Congress.  We will be organizing opportunities to meet with congressional offices on Peace Corps and other development issues on Thursday, September 14th.  For those who can come early, we will hold a preparatory training on the evening of Wednesday, September 13th.  Thursday will be a full day of activities, including a morning review of activities, advocacy meetings throughout the day, a debriefing an d advocacy program “open forum,” followed by a social hour/celebration.  We thank the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Madison, Wisconsin for their generous contribution in support of our September Advocacy Day activities.

      Friday, September 15, 9am-6pm

      Group Leaders Forum

      Annual General Meeting

      Board Meeting

      Saturday, September 16, 12-4pm

      Anniversary Picnic

      We understand that many of you are interesting in organizing capacity-building and other workshops.  We will be glad to help facilitate those efforts, which should be coordinated with Jim Mueller, the Group Leaders’ Coordinator.  Jim can be reached at jandkmueller@....  So, NPCA can assist in this please cc: Stephanie Jowers on these emails.  Her email is Stephanie@....

      In response to feedback from other events, this schedule provides ample time for groups to organize their own meetings, reunions, and gala s.  Please post all events to the NPCA website calendar, so that we can keep the entire community informed of all activities. If you send your event information to Erica@..., she will create a master list and post it on the NPCA’s website, www.peacecorpsconnect.org.

      We will provide further information about these upcoming events as these our plans develop.

      With best wishes,

      Kevin F. F. Quigley

      President, NPCA

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