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International Development Conference at Yale

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  • Jennifer Staple
    Hi, This conference at Yale University during April will likely be of interest to many of you. *International Health Conference at Yale University in April
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2006

      This conference at Yale University during April will likely be of interest to many of you.

      International Health Conference at Yale University in April 2006 - Early Bird Registration Rate!
      "Empowering Communities to Bridge Health Divides"

      : April 1-2, 2006
      Where: Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut
      Theme: "Empowering Communities to Bridge Health Divides"
      Who should attend?  Anyone interested in women's health, children's health,  medicine, health education, health promotion, public health, international health, international service, eye care, nonprofits, or microenterprise
      Conference Goal: To empower conference attendees to identify health needs and to develop solutions to improve access to care for the medically underserved
      How to Register - Early Bird Registration!
      Early Bird Registration Rate: $35 student rate; $50 for all others

      A Few of the Scheduled Presentations

      _Keynote Address_
      "Environment, Behavior and Health: Societies Matter" Al Sommer, MD, MHS

      _Global Health in Discussion_
      "Global Health Governance in a Time of Rapid Change: Opportunities and Concerns" Derek Yach, MBChB, MPH
      "Millenium Development Goals," Josh Ruxin, MPH, PhD
      "Community Approaches to Achieve Global Health Goals," Jacob Kumaresan, MD, MPH, Dr.PH
      "Health as a Bridge to Peace," Paula Gutlove, DMD
      "Medical Diplomacy: Lessons Learned from the U.S.N.S. Mercy/HOPE Partnership, Banda Aceh and Nias Island, Indonesia," John P. Howe III, MD
      "War Hospital: A True Story of Surgery and Survival," Sheri Fink, MD, PhD
      "Teaching the Teachers: Empowering Refugee Communities Through School-Based Education," Valda Ford, MPH, MS, RN
      "Overcoming Inequalities in Healthcare Infrastructure: Models for the Future," Sanjay Basu
      "Germs of Progress: Schistosomiasis in Senegal and the Ethics, Politics and Economics of International Health, Research and Development,” Kohar Jones, MD

      _Women's and Children's Health_
      "Women's Health: A Global Overview," Allan Rosenfield, MD
      "Love, Labor, Loss - Film on Obstetric Fistula," Lisa Russell, MPH, Filmmaker
      "Strengthening Community Capacity for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health," Charles MacCormack
      "The Challenges of Pediatric AIDS in Africa - A Lesson in Hope and Humanity" Shaffiq Essajee, BMBCh
      "Is Women's Health a Human Right?" Padmini Murthy, MD, MPH, MS
      "Child Health and the Orphan Crisis in Rwanda," Dai Ellis, JD Candidate, Co-Director of Orphans of Rwanda
      "Descriptive Analysis of Women's Status at Buduburam Refugee Settlement, Ghana," Rena Patel, MPhil, BA, MD candidate
      "Preventing and Managing Obstetric Fistula in East Africa: Lessons from Ethiopia and Tanzania," Toyin Ajayi, MD Candidate

      _Community-Based Healthcare_
      "Small Initiatives with Big Vision: Working With Communities to Change How They Address Healthcare," Evaleen Jones, MD and Betsy Fuller Matambanadzo
      "Fonkoze: Providing Financial and Educational Services to Haiti's Poor" Sharmi Sobhan and Anne Hastings, PhD
      "A Study of the Incidence of Caries in Rural Guatemala," Phillip Plunk, DDS, FADI

      _Global Eye Care_
      "Update on Vision 2020: the Right to Sight," Louis Pizzarello, MD
      ”Eye Care in Ghana,” James Clarke, MD
      "Barriers to Eye Care: Results of Qualitative Research," Rosie Janiszewski, MS, CHES
      "Glaucoma Care in West Africa: the Ghana Experience" Leon W. Herndon, MD
      "What is Glaucoma?" Robert Ritch, MD
      "Glaucoma Screening in a High Risk Population of New Haven," Bruce Shields, MD
      "The EyeCare America Glaucoma EyeCare Program: Improving Health for the Medically Underserved in the US" Martin Wand, MD "Gender Disparities in Blindness and Visual Impairment" Ilene Gipson, PhD
      "Health Care in Zambia Through the Eyes of an American Ophthalmologist,” Thomas Beggins, MD
      “Strengths and Challenges of Mobile Eye Surgery Delivery in Rural Kenya,” Sam Powdrill, PA, SPA
      “Eyes, AIDS, and Africa,” Thomas J. Beggins, MD
      "Strategic planning for trachoma control in nine endemic countries," A. Sam-Abbenyi, MD, MSc
      "Challenges and Successes of Surgical Eye Care in Africa," Cathy Schanzer, MD
      "Building the Future of International Ophthalmology: SEE International/George Washington University International Residency Program Model," Harry S. Brown, MD
      "Global Health at the Community Level - Eye Health As Part of Improved Public Health Outreach," Nora Groce, PhD
      "Social Entrepreneurship and Presbyopia" Jordan Kassalow, OD, MPH
      "Infinite Vision - The Story of Dr. V(enkataswamy) and the Aravind Eye Care System," Pavithra Krishnan
      “High Volume Cataract Surgery at Aravind Eye Hospital - Film”
      “Kalinga Eye Hospital in India - A Film”
      "”Christian Blind Mission International (CBMI) and Oncho Control in Nigeria," Jeffrey Watson, MD
      "Sustainable Surgical Eye Care Delivery," Victoria Sheffield and John Barrows, MPH
      "The Technology of Partnership for Program Impact," Suzanne S. Gilbert, PhD, MPH
      "Mobile Eye Services in the Indian Himalaya," Keith Tauro
      "Public-Private Partnership as a Strategy for Addressing Global Health Issues: Lessons Learned from The Mectizan Donation Program," Brenda Colatrella
      "Lok Swasthya Sewa, a Model Health Cooperative in Ahmedabad, India." Chirag Shah, MD, MPH
      "Community Ophthalmology Needs in Bihar, India," Anna Cooper, MPH Candidate
      "From Eye Charts to Eye Clinics: Building Community Health Infrastructure," Sachin Jain, MD, MPH Candidate
      "A Vision of Possibilities: Merging Clinical and Public Health Perspectives in Ocular Health," Rohit Ramchandani, MPH
      "Glaucoma at Buduburam Refugee Camp in Ghana," Sally Ong
      "Community Strategies To Improve Eye Care," Satya B. Verma, OD, FAAO
      “Eye Care for Refugees in Thailand,” Derek Mladenovich, OD

      _Vision and Clinical Research_
      "Advances In Corneal Transplantation," Shachar Tauber, MD
      "Nutritional Factors in the Development of Cataracts," Heskel M. Haddad, MD
      "The Ethics Behind Clinical Research in Developing Nations," Matthew D. Paul, MD

      _Cultural Competency_
      "Lessons from the Camps: Why You Should Not Hug the Monk and other Faux Pas," Valda Ford, MPH, MS, RN

      Complete schedule can be seen at http://www.uniteforsight.org/2006_annual_conference.php
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