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More on the Rio Bravo thanksgiving Project in Mexico

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  • Ed & Maria Hromatka
    Here is more information on the work project originally started by Austin RPCVs. Ed ... Well, the official count-down has begun. We have an AMAZING trip
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 9, 2005
      Here is more information on the work project originally started by Austin RPCVs.  Ed
      Well, the official count-down has begun. We have an AMAZING trip planned, so don't wait a minute longer to sign up.

      Step 1) SIGN UP
      Please visit our sign up at www.reptime.com/amigos. Enter your email address and password (unless you changed your password, it will be your email address). If you are new to the trip, or cannot remember your username/password, don't worry, just make a new one!


      Who:               All Amigos Volunteers Welcome
      What:    Orientation plus Fun!
      Where:   Central Market - 4001 North Lamar @ 40th
      When:    6:00pm Sunday, November 13th
      RSVP:    jamie@... with the number of attendees


      Please bring your $40 registration fee to the Sunday get-together. If you cannot make the orientation, but will be joining us in Rio Bravo, please send your check to Rob Foree, 214 W Eliott Street, Austin, TX 78753. Checks should be made out to Amigos de las Escuelas.

      Step 4) GET READY!!!

      A cheery welcome from Sam

      Hi there volunteers!

          It's me, Sam, with the warmup notice about the November Thanksgiving Mexico Project for this year, 2005. Well it is coming up in about 5 weeks or 6, and we have some great things going on.

         First off, for those of you who haven't been with us in a year or two, you will be amazed at the changes that Amigos de las Escuelas and our volunteers have done since you last saw Rio Bravo. We have a Community Center (built by volunteers) going, with some terrific programs staffed and attended by the local folks. Our barter system of trading labor for the things donated to us (like clothing, utensils, toys, and all sorts of stuff... and at this point, I need to say that when you are ready to get rid of your kids old but serviceable clothes, old lamps, plates, silverware, and stuff like that, call me, Sam, at 731-7662, and I will come pick them up, and put them into the system) from our new Community Center Store is working well, and the community is cleaner, and people are working together, more than I ever thought possible. We have a hotdog computer lab in operation (built by volunteers) at the center too, so those of you who need to check your email every day, can easily do so. We have a kitchen set up... well, it is being remodeled right now, but may be back in service by the time you get there. We have WORKING FLUSH TOILET BATHROOMS. And a cold water shower.

          Those of you who helped build the Consulting office (built by volunteers) last March for our staff psychologist and community center director, Marco, will be gratified to know he is reaching and helping a lot of individuals and families in this little space.  And the classroom you built in Colonia Integracion Familiares is an operating center of education for  kids and adults. It gives me a wonderful feeling to go down there in between projects and see the things you worked so hard on, bringing a better life to the people for whom they are built.

          Keeping that in mind, we have some pretty empowering projects coming up this Thanksgiving. Here is a rundown, in order of priority. This is general, and may change in scope between now and then, depending on how many volunteers commit to coming. It is so difficult to plan what to do, not knowing until the day before, how many people are going to be working, so please, make plans to come along now, and let Jamie and Andy know as soon as possible. They are handling transportation and lodging logistics again, thank goodness for their goodness. What better way to give thanks for the great opportunities we have here in USA, than to help those less fortunate, to empower themselves? Please come. We need you. Bring gloves.

          1.Casa de Katie Community Center  - We will be finishing out the new space for the computer lab, and moving it. We need tech people, carpenters, sheetrockers, insulators, electricians, and painters. And organizers to keep us focused.

          2. Colonia Vamos Tamaulipas  - We will be tearing off rotten wood from a classroom, and putting new plywood on, with some windows and doors. And painting it.

      These are the 2 biggies. Here are some other things that given enough people, I will set up as well...

          3. Colonia El Chorizo - Painting mural graphics on the outside of the Kindergarten wall. This is dependent on my being able to get it plastered before the project.

          4. Casa de Katie Community Center - Painting all of the buildings outside.

          5. Colonia Integracion Familiares - Build a kindergarten classroom

          6. Casa de Katie Community Center - Expanding consultorio and building additional storage facilities .

      And of course, we need a crew to buy and prepare the lunches for both days.

          Bring gloves. I am excited. We are doing some great stuff down there. Come and be a part of it. Let us know now. Any questions, feel free to email me at sam@...  Love you folks. Sam


      Email Jamie @ jamie@...

      SEE YOU ON SUNDAY!!!!!!
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