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FW: Peace Corp survey

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  • Courtney Queen
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      Subject: Re: Peace Corp survey


      Hello. My name is Heather Fristick. I am senior at Wheeling Jesuit University. I am currently conducting my undergraduate senior thesis project.  The purpose of my project is to gain an understanding of reverse culture shock and how it affects Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCV) when they arrive back to the US and throughout their life.


      This survey should only be filled out by Returned Peace Corps Volunteers.

      You are receiving this survey through e-mail because you have e-mailed me offering to complete it. Participation in this survey is voluntary and you may withdraw participation at any time.

      This survey contains 37 multiple choice questions and will take approximately 15 minutes to finish.


      The survey will ask questions concerning symptoms that are common during reverse culture shock. The only foreseeable risks or discomforts in completing this survey are possible thoughts of these times. No other problems are anticipated; however, if they do occur you may want to seek counseling.


      The Institutional Review Board of Wheeling Jesuit University has granted permission for this research. If you wish to contact them, Dr. Beverly Carter is the Chair. She can be reached at (304) 243-2342 or carter@....


      Dr. Christopher Scholl, Assistant Professor of International Studies at Wheeling Jesuit University and RPCV of Dominica is my thesis advisor. He can be contacted at (304) 243-2201 or scholl@....


      I will be the only person who reads the actual survey responses. The responses will be reported using Microsoft Excel and SPSS and coded with numbers.


      Please be assured that all responses using this device will remain confidential. Also, none of the information collected will ever be reported or discussed individually. In other words, the data will only be dealt with in group or summary form.


      Please do not include any personal identifying information.


      A possible benefit of this research is that policy implications can be suggested to the Peace Corps Organization so that they can better train and prepare their volunteers for reverse culture shock.


      You may return your responses to me in one of two ways.

      1. You can electronically answer the questions, by typing your answer on the lines provided within the survey and then e-mail it back to me as an attachment at Heather4528@....
      2. You can print out the survey, write you answers on the lines provided and then mail the survey to me at      Heather Fristick

           199 Edgwood St.

       Wheeling, WV, 26003 


      • All survey responses received through e-mail will be recorded and the actual e-mail will then be deleted, completely erasing the e-mail address the responses came from.
      • All surveys received in the mail will be reported, and surveys will be discarded. 



      A copy of my results and final thesis will be e-mailed to all those who completed a survey.


      If you have any questions about my research or this survey feel free to contact me through e-mail at Heather4528@....


      If you have read and agree to this consent form and would like to complete this survey, it is attached to this email. Download the attachment and open it in a word program.

      If you choose to respond electronically, save the survey, go through and type in your answers and then save your changes. Open up a new e-mail, add the attachment of your survey, and e-mail it to Heather4528@.... If you need further instructions please ask.


      Please return all surveys ASAP.


        Thank you very much for your time and assistance to my research project.


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