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Legit Survey on GLOBAL LEADERSHIP on characteristics of successful global managers

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  • Ed & Maria Hromatka
    Opps, this got delayed. Sorry. Ed ... Charlene Allen is a colleague who came to our Peace Corps Partnership Dinner--bash on Sat. night on October 1. She is
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 23, 2005
      Opps, this got delayed.  Sorry.   Ed

      Charlene Allen is a colleague who came to our Peace Corps Partnership Dinner--bash on Sat. night on October 1.  She is data gathering for a program and thought our RPCV's might have some valuable input.  If you agree, send it out to the mail list.
      Thanks, Carl Youngberg

      From: Charleen Allen [mailto:charleenallen@...]
      Sent: Monday, October 03, 2005 5:35 PM
      To: Carl D. Youngberg
      Subject: FW: Competency validation



      Thank you for a wonderful evening Saturday night.  I as wondering if you  would complete this quick survey and return to me. If you think it is appropriate, I would love to get the insight from you Peace Corp colleagues.   Please forward to them if you think it is appropriate.  Thanks, Charleen Allen


      At DNL Global, I am conducting a research study on the unique characteristics of successful global managers.  To further validate our findings, we would like your help prioritizing the below.  I value your opinion and appreciate your insight!

      ***If you have not received information from me on this research study, please email or call me (817-266-3413 cell).


      All of the following competencies are important, but which ones are the most critical in a global management environment? 




      Please hit REPLY and rank the top ten (10) of seventeen (17) with 1 being the most important and 10 being the tenth most important.  You will have 7 unranked competencies.


      The profile of a successful global manager is a convergence of required competencies and individual characteristics.  Competencies are skills, knowledge and behaviors that are critical for the successful performance in a specific position. 


       1  Business Savvy – Understanding the “big picture” (i.e., where the company stands relative to competitors and factors likely to affect business success.  Knows the industry and drivers of growth and profitability.

       2  Cultural Agility – Understands the cultural sensitivities and easily adapts to establish meaningful relationships.  Models personal effectiveness in different cultural settings. Understands complex causes of others underlying attitudes and problems.

      Managing Relationships – Builds and maintains respectful relationships with clients and internally within the virtual project team and across organizational levels

       4  Adaptability – Modifies approach depending on the situation, the culture, or the individual.  Demonstrates an understanding of the nuances involved. 


       8 Influence – Uses strategies tailored to individual situations to reach goal or have an effect. Anticipates the effect of an action or other detail and adapts the discussion to appeal to the interests of the listener.

      Strategic Thinking – Identifies problems and situations not obvious to others and formulates a useful explanation for complex problems or situations.  Creates new ideas or plans to address the issue.

      ___Coaching & Development – Creates an environment where people are challenged to grow and develop, uses opportunities for coaching and feedback to improve the performance of managers in his/her units.

      9   Decision Making/Problem Solving – Generates workable, rational solutions while maintaining decisiveness and an appropriate sense of urgency.  Identifies and uses credible information and data to make decisions and solve problems.


      ___Managing Performance – Sets realistic goals for his/her reports and provides continuous guidance and direction to help them achieve these goals; evaluate performance fairly, and on a regular basis.

      ___Managing Projects – Monitors progress of a project against milestones or deadlines.  Monitors data and seeks out information to keep order.  Puts new systems in place to increase efficiency and improve quality.

      ___Achievement Orientation – Sets and acts to reach challenging goals for self or others.  Commits significant resources and/or time to reach a challenging goal.

      ___Information Seeking – Makes systematic effort to obtain needed data or feedback beyond that which is immediately available.

       6 Customer Service Orientation – Maintains clear communication with client regarding mutual expectations.  Takes personal responsibility to correct customer problems and acts to make things better.  Builds a relationship as a trusted advisor being involved in the client’s decision-making process.

       5  Organizational Awareness – Understands the formal and informal structure, as well as climate and culture.  Understands the underlying problems, opportunities, or political forces affecting the organization.


      ___Team Leadership – Creates empowered, effective teams with a high level of trust, open communication, and commitment to organizational goals. Promotes team effectiveness, uses authority fairly, and takes care of the group in terms of reputation with the larger organization, securing resources and information needed, and ensures group tasks are completed. 

      ___Technical/Professional/Managerial Expertise – Provides a high depth of knowledge and experience.  Applies knowledge to achieve additional impact.

       10 Business Planning/Financial Responsibility – Develops innovative and practical performance plans with measurable objectives.  Monitors performance of the units and uses this information to product plans for improvement.

      Thank you!



      Charleen Allen
      Director Talent Development
      DNL Global, Inc.
      972-385-0484, ext. 253
      817-266-3413 cell

      DNL Global, Inc. is focused on the development of Global Sourcing Leaders through unique recruitment, selection and training solutions.


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