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Host Families Needed

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  • michaela1k
    Hi... I m a local representative for Nacel Open Door, which is a non- profit organization dedicated to promoting world peace and understanding through
    Message 1 of 1 , May 30, 2005

      I'm a local representative for Nacel Open Door, which is a non-
      profit organization dedicated to promoting world peace and
      understanding through intercultural education and student exchange.
      Nacel accepts highly qualified and carefully screened students from
      over 50 countries around the world. Nacel is dedicated to promoting
      world peace through developing, sponsoring and bringing together
      foreign teens with volunteer American host families.

      Can you open your heart and home to a foreign exchange student this
      year (or do you know anyone that can)? If so, this will be the most
      unforgettable year of your family's life!! You will experience
      another culture without leaving your home. If you have children,
      your children will have an educational and cultural experience that
      could never be provided in any other way. The lessons that your
      entire family can learn while hosting a foreign exchange student
      will stay with you forever, while, at the same time, you are
      providing a wealth of living experience and education to the foreign
      exchange student.

      A host family will need to provide a loving home and meals for one
      or two exchange students (how many is your choice). Students can
      have a private room or share a room with a same-sex sibling. Host
      families come in all shapes and sizes. You can be a married or
      single adult, with or without children. We have many single parent
      host families, as well as "empty-nesters" and people who have never
      had children. Students come with spending money and insurance. You
      will be able to choose which student(s) you would like to stay in
      your home. Profiles with pictures and a letter written in English
      are available. Host families are volunteers and the IRS allows
      slight tax breaks to families who host. Nacel also offers a great
      support system for the host family and the exchange student, so if
      either party needs advice or help, someone will be available.

      Students are expected to integrate into the host family. The host
      family does NOT act as a tour guide. Instead, they are the
      student's host parents and host siblings. Students are expected to
      clean up after themselves, help with household chores, maintain
      decent school grades, and volunteer in their communities.

      If you are unable to host a student, please forward this on to
      anyone in your office or circle of acquaintances that may be
      interested. If you have any ideas for how I may find host families,
      please share them with me.

      You can read more about hosting and Nacel Open Door at

      You can reach me at:
      or by replying to this e-mail at naceldallas@...

      Michaela Kral
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