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Friends of Thailand PROJECT RESTORE

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    Subj: Friends of Thailand PROJECT RESTORE Date: 1/13/2005 9:29:20 AM Central Standard Time From: carolynnickels@earthlink.net To: groupleaders@lolo.cidi.org
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 14, 2005
      Subj: Friends of Thailand PROJECT RESTORE
      Date: 1/13/2005 9:29:20 AM Central Standard Time
      From: carolynnickels@...
      To: groupleaders@...
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      Dear NPCA Affiliates,

      Thanks to the tireless work of Friends of Thailand member, Chris
      White, who lives and teaches in Phuket, FOT has launched PROJECT
      RESTORE. Working with the Thai education officials, Chris has
      identified and visited two rural elementary schools in Phang Nga
      Province north of Phuket that are in need of assistance as one school
      begins the task of rebuilding its facility and the other works to
      restore the lives of 148 children orphaned by the tsunami.

      The elementary school in Ban Bang Sak was completely destroyed when
      the tsunami struck. Though the Thai government will replace many of
      the buildings of Ban Bang Sak School, the cost of resupplying the
      school will demand that much more be spent. Additionally, the school
      lunch program, which is funded by the school, will require extensive

      148 students at Ban Bang Muang Elementary School were orphaned by the
      tsunami. Many are now living with friends and other family members, as
      well as in the tent city that has been erected in the town. These
      students will need $250 a year each to attend school. That amount will
      cover the cost of tuition, uniforms, books, supplies and food. We are
      hoping to provide scholarships for as many of these children as possible.

      Based upon the information Chris has provided, we will also try to
      raise $16,850 to help restore the language lab, the science lab, the
      infirmary and the lunch program at Ban Bang Sak Elementary School.

      John Williams, PC Country Director in Thailand, supports this project.
      In a recent email to Friends of Thailand, he wrote, "I was excited to
      hear about the FOT plans for the school. We visited the site where the
      school once stood, and it is totally destroyed. You couldn't have
      picked a better place to put your money."

      If you would like to donate money to PROJECT RESTORE and view several
      photos of Ban Bang Sak School, access the Friends of Thailand web site
      at www.friendsofthailand.org . Then, click on the PROJECT RESTORE
      button to access Information about the project along with the Donation
      Form and the Photos.

      100% of what Friends of Thailand receives will go to the school and
      specific purpose donors indicate. Absolutely NO money will be retained
      by Friends of Thailand or by any agency in Thailand. This money will
      be held distinct from other Friends of Thailand activities, such as
      its PCV Project Sponsorship program. Additionally, because Friends of
      Thailand now has 501(c)(3) status, any contribution of $250 or more
      will be acknowledged with a letter for tax-filing purposes.

      Thank you and peace,

      Carolyn Nickels-Cox
      Group Leader, Friends of Thailand
      NPCA affiliate
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