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Global Health Conference at Harvard

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  • Jennifer Staple
    Dear all, This conference will likely be of interest to many people on this e-mail list. Unite For Sight Second Annual International Health Conference Eyes on
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 27, 2004
      Dear all,

      This conference will likely be of interest to many people on this e-mail

      Unite For Sight Second Annual International Health Conference
      "Eyes on International Collaboration: Promoting Health >From Campus to
      Lab to Field"

      April 2 and 3, 2005
      Harvard University
      Cambridge, Massachusetts

      Early Bird Registration Rate ($30) - Register Today!
      Click Here to Register:

      Conference Schedule

      _Community Experiences: Improving Health for the Medically Underserved_

      *"Global Health", Dr. Barry Bloom, PhD
      *"Impossible Dreams - The First Ascent of the East Face of Mt. Everest
      and Eradicating Blindness in Mountainous Asia", Dr. Geoffrey Tabin, MD
      *"Eye Diseases and Community Experiences in Tanzania", Dr. Muhsin
      Sheriff, MD, MPH
      *"Health Care for the Homeless in Boston", Dr. James O'Connell, MD

      _The Role of Research to Improve Health_
      *"Compassion, Knowledge, and Advanced Ophthalmic Technologies", Dr.
      Dimitri Azar, MD
      "Advances in Corneal Transplantation", Dr. Shachar Tauber, MD
      *"Optic Neuro-Prevention - A Strategy to Eradicate Glaucoma Blindness",
      Dr. Louis Pasquale, MD
      *"Stem Cells to the Retinal Rescue", Dr. Michael J. Young, PhD
      *"The Role of Household Drinking Water Treatment Technologies and Safe
      Water Storage in Preventing Blindness in the Developing World", Ms.
      Susan Murcott, M.S.

      _Epidemiology and The Economic Perspective on Health Improvement_
      *"Economic Tools: How to Use Them and What They Can Reveal About
      Blindness Prevention," Dr. Kevin Frick, PhD
      *"The Role of Economics in Improving Health Outcomes", Heidi Williams, MSc

      _Breakout Sessions_
      *"An Update on Ocular Leprosy," Dr. Ebenezer Daniel, M.B.B.S., M.S.,
      D.O., M.P.H., M.A.M.S.
      *"Eye Health in Nigeria," Dr. Rotimi Bajulaiye, MD
      *"Eye Health in India," Dr. Santanu Sanyal, MBBS, MHS
      *"Grassroots Optometry," Dr. Erik Weissberg, OD
      *"Adaptive Technology for the Sight-Impaired," Dr. Sethuraman (Panch)
      Panchanathan, PhD
      *"Our Health is Our Only Wealth: The Story of Lok Swasthya Sewa, a Model
      Health Cooperative in Ahmedabad, India," Dr. Chirag Shah, MD, MPH
      *"A Successful Model for Comprehensive Eye Care Coverage in the
      Developing World: The Case of LV Prasad Eye Institute," Mr. Rohit
      *"Upgrading Eye Health Care Strategies in Rural Tanzania," Mr. Sachin Jain
      *"Eye Health in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania," Ms. Sally Ong
      *"Cataract Surgeries in Humjibre and Buduburam Refugee Camp, Ghana," Ms.
      Silvia Odrocic
      *"Unite For Sight in Kathmandu, Nepal - A Documentary," Mr. Ganesh Subedi
      *"Glaucoma, A National Eye Health Problem in Romania," Ms. Madaline
      "Eyeglasses for Children in China," Ms. Shawna Novak
      *"Youth Participation in Improving Health Outcomes in Africa," Ms. Neema
      *"Utilizing Service-Learning to Enhance Public Health in West Africa,"
      Ms. Brighid O'Donnell

      Biographies of speakers at

      _CALL FOR ABSTRACTS - Unite For Sight Second Annual International Health
      April 2-3, 2005
      Harvard University

      Unite For Sight encourages you to submit a proposal for a poster
      presentation at the 2005 Unite For Sight Second Annual International
      Health Conference, April 2-3, 2005, at Harvard University in Cambridge,
      MA. Unite for Sight's conference, "Eyes on International Collaboration:
      Promoting Health From Campus to Lab to Field," is for all professionals
      and students involved in medicine, health education, health promotion,
      public health, and international service. Its purpose is to provide an
      international forum for the exchange of ideas about original health and
      medical research and international service.

      Abstract Categories:
      1. International Medicine and International Health
      2. Public Health
      3. Scientific Research
      4. Advocacy and Health Policy
      5. Research in Ophthalmology
      6. Nonprofits in Health

      Instructions For Submitting Unite For Sight Conference Abstracts
      1. All abstract submissions must be submitted electronically to
      JStaple@... by January 15, 2005 with Subject Line ABSTRACT
      2. Proposals must include: Title, Abstract Category, 1-2 learning
      objectives, 250-word abstract, and biosketch of all authors
      3. All persons submitting an abstract must first register and submit
      payment to attend the Unite For Sight Conference at
      4. All abstracts selected for poster session presentation will be
      published in the Conference Program for distribution to conference
      attendees. By submitting an abstract, authors agree to have their
      abstract published in the program.
      5. Applicants will be notified by e-mail whether their proposal was
      accepted by February 1, 2005.

      For additional information, contact JStaple@... and
      www.uniteforsight.org <http://www.uniteforsight.org/>
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