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  • Ravelojaona, Dana
    CNFA contacted me to see if we knew anyone looking for work with Middle East regional experience and language skills to
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 18, 2004

      CNFA <Citizens Network for Foreign Affairs> contacted me to see if we knew anyone looking for work with Middle East regional experience and language skills to fill the following posted position. Please forward this to anyone you know that may fit the requirements. **note the application deadline has expired, they are extending this- and looking to hire ASAP!

      Any questions please contact: careers@...

      For more information about CNFA: http://www.cnfa.org/


      CNFA Job Announcement
      Position Title:             Middle East Program Coordinator
      Location:                    Washington, D.C.
      Summary:                  Working under the supervision of CNFA's Vice President for Small Enterprise Development, backstops and supports implementation and monitoring of CNFA's development projects in the Middle East (currently Iraq and Afghanistan).  
      Principal Responsibilities:


      1)      Coordinate implementation of CNFA activities in the Middle East:

      a)      Act as the primary conduit for headquarters communication with field offices and maintain close communication with and provide effective support to them.  Ensure response by other headquarters personnel to questions from field offices and field office response to headquarters inquiries.

      b)      Monitor and make suggestions for improving field office performance.

      c)      Participate actively in development and implementation of monitoring and evaluation systems for each project.

      d)      Review and make suggestions for improving program documents prepared by the field offices.

      e)      Recruit, brief, ensure logistical arrangements for, and debrief consultants required for the projects.

      f)        Review monthly project financial statements and call attention to imbalances.

      g)      Travel, as appropriate, to the field to make site inspections and work with beneficiaries, local organizations and groups.

      h)      Contribute actively to drafting program reports, newsletters and other documentation.


      2)      Contribute creatively to strengthening CNFA's Small Enterprise Development department, including helping out other members of the Small Enterprise Development team and assisting with other projects and with proposals for new projects.


      3)      Represent and promote CNFA to outside stakeholders.

      Ideal Candidate:
      Professional experience with American agriculture and agribusiness and with market-oriented agriculture and small enterprise development; has lived in the Middle East and has Arabic and/or other regional language skills; has excellent conceptual, oral and written communication and people skills.  
      Please send cover letter, resume and salary history to CNFA Careers, careers@..., with Middle East Program Coordinator in the subject line. Kindly indicate where you saw this advertisement. Application deadline is August 27, 2004.  No phone calls please. Only candidates selected for interview will be contacted. CNFA is an equal opportunity employer.
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