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Annual Thanksgiving Project in Mexico of the Austin RPCVs

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  • hromatka
    Although Roger C is already working on a newsletter article, please let me copy some preliminary info below about this year s annual Thanksgiving project in
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 8, 2003
      Although Roger C is already working on a newsletter article, please let me copy some preliminary info below about this year's annual Thanksgiving project in Mexico (near McAllen) of the Austin RPCVs. 
      There are also very good websites on the project at: http://www.geocities.com/texasrpcvs/riobravo.htm  and www.my-amigos.org
      Anybody else from DFW considering to go? 
      (Maria and I are tentatively planning to drive on and spend Sunday in Monterrey and watch the Dallas Sidekicks play the Monterrey indoor soccer team play the inaugural sports event in that new arena on Thanksgiving Sunday night.  If that fits your interests and schedule, we would be glad to take carpoolers.)
      ED & Maria Hromatka
      Rockwall Home #: 972-722-5254
      Dallas Cell # 214-564-7201

      Yes, Dallas RPCV's are welcome. You only need to register in as much as  I need to know how many will be there, so I have enough hotel rooms reserved and enough work for everybody.
          That, and I will put your names on the listserve, so you will get anything I put out between now and then. Shall I? Are you planning on driving down straight from Dallas, or do you want to meet the caravan leaving here usually 9am Thursday. (not necessary, it is easy to find the hotel) 
          Rio Bravo is in the free trade zone, about 5 miles south of the river, and 12 miles or so east of the International Bridge crossing at Pharr. I have never bought special mexican insurance, but I live a life where I weigh the risks, and accept responsibility for those I take. If you are not willing to do that, then mexican insurance is probably a good idea. I understand it doesn't cost much. The parking lot at the hotel is gated, fenced, and has a cool old guy there at night. I have never had a problem.
          Let me know if it is just Ed and Maria, or if there will be more. Here is what I just sent out to the volunteers...   Sam

      Hi There Volunteers!
          Well, I got a lot to cover, so read this thru, then do your duty. Here are the projects I am planning, and some other stuff. First, since I am trying to get in touch with my feminine side, let me discuss my needs.
          I need, really bad, someone to coordinate the rides and riders. Rob says a van rental is possible, if there is a designated driver of legal age and good skill level, and Amigos de las Escuelas will subsidize the cost to some degree, lowering the costs to the users. Then there are people who want to come, and need a ride. Then there are people who are willing to drive, and have space for others. Then there are people who have come before, and their car is not full, and they don't need to wait for the caravan because they know how to get there. I am asking for a volunteer who will accept the emails I forward to them, of people who need/have space. I will be happy to be the firewall, and just gather what comes in, and forward it to you, the caravan coordinator, to put people in touch with each other, fill cars, and see that everybody has a ride. I don't have time to do the coordination, and won't be here anyway. I will be down in Rio Bravo, buying stuff, and preparing for you folks to get there. Please email me if you will do this. If I don't find someone to be coordinator, then it's anarchy, and I will see ya down there if ya make it. Sorry, but I don't have Christine to do it this year. The sooner I find you, the better, as I hope to be getting response from this for a preliminary head count as well.
          I also need some folks to help Lorel and Roger with the lunch crew, which will be feeding several large groups at several different sites, not near each other, both days. This kind of limits your actual participation in a project, especially on a management level, because you will be making lunch for a chunk of time out of the middle of the day. This is a very important job. Hungry volunteers are easily turned into a murderous mob rioting thru the streets. If you are interested, e me soon.
          I will be giving a brief description of the projects, and am asking you to consider what you would like to do, and email me. Don't wait, because I will be filling project lists first respond/ first get on the crew. There are some really cool projects, and I expect these to fill quickly. Some of these crews will need first night meetings with me, so I can fill you in ahead of time. Don't let lack of self confidence influence your choices. I need people at different levels on every project. And there is nothing on any of these projects that can't be taught to another, except maybe the art. And they are all important. For those of you who wish to wait till you get there, and see which projects have the hottys (men and women, please, it is a unisexual form of the word hotty), there will be sign up sheets somewhere you go the first night, and you can sign up then. Also, should you desire to lead one of these projects, tell me.
          Clinic in FC4- There are walls constructed already. We need to frame and cover the roof, hang some windows and doors, and prime and paint it before the weather ruins it. Probably some other finish out stuff too. Crew of 10
          Clinic in Monterreal- There is a 13' x 20' slab, waiting for us. We will construct from scratch, the walls and roof, windows and door, and paint it Need a couple of creative carpenters here, and lots of hammerers and painters. Crew of 10
          Rotary Clinic Fence- There is a partially completed fence at this clinic, and some gates standing ready. We need to redirect one of the legs of the current fence, and dig postholes, set posts, and hang chain link fence to enclose the back and parking area of the grounds. Crew of 4 or 5
          Fence in front of FC4 primary- This fence is partially destroyed and needs resurrecting, and a top rail added, about 120'. Maybe a couple posts. Crew of 4
          Kinder Wall Painting- There is a wall about 6 feet tall and 120 feet long, and it needs bright pictures and cartoons painted on it inside. I have Tracy to manage the project, and the world famous artist Marilyn Flanegan, as well as several other gifted artists. Need people to sketch, paint, mix colors, and assist the artists id creating. Crew of 10
          Trash Program- This is a project close to my heart, and I need some creative people to help me. I want you to put on a skit for the kids the first day (friday) about noonish, showing what a problem the trash on campus is, and what to do about it. I need someone to play me, in this skit, as I am well known for shouting about what a dump the school is. Humor is the key here, and giving an awareness of why to pick up the trash that they are currently throwing on the ground. Afterwards, you will make painted wooden signs and trash containers, and place them in spots you select around the school. Any other ideas you have about how to abate the trash problem will be gladly accepted. The skit must be in spanish, and if no spanish speaker volunteers, I will teach you what to say, tho we will have to keep it simple, and rely on good, no, great acting to carry the day. Crew of 4 to 6
         Kinder Kitchen- Tear down a wall, and expand the kitchen into an unused space. Hang some windows, screening, and shelves, and repair some benches. Possibly make some tables to supplement what is there. Crew of 4
          Play area- Kinder- I am trying to locate some railroad ties, out of which we will make a big square around the present play equipment, and fill it with rounded pea gravel. I would also like to construct a simple playscape, which you will have to design on the spot. Crew of 4 to 6
          Fix-up Crew- There are always general repairs to be done to the school, and this crew will be evaluating what is necessary, prioritizing, and implementing the plan. Could be lots of different things to be dealt with. Crew of 4
          OK people, let's get to it. I will have more details the first night when you arrive.
          I need an opaque projector. Not an overhead, unless you have transparencies of cartoon characters, but an opaque. This is a very old machine, not much in use any more, but would serve our needs well if I could find one to borrow for a week. Please ask around, and if you find one, email me immediately. I am willing to rent it.
          Let me hear from you. Are you coming? Where do you want to work? I need a head count to make room reservations. Will you be driving? Need a ride? Want to be caravan coordinator? Want to lead a project? Please let me know soon.
          Wanna have a dance friday or saturday night? The school has some new speakers, big ol thangs, and I can probably come up with a CD player. Maybe you could bring your favorite CD. I will be bringing both of my guitars, so come and get em to play.
                                                                           I am waiting.
                                                                           Love, Sam
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      Is that far enough from the border where one has to buy special Mexican auto insurance? 
      Are cars fairly secure at night there?

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