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New York Times Survey on Recent RPCVs

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  • Ed and Maria Hromatka
    http://www.nytimes.com/2014/02/05/world/peace-corps-volunteers.html?_r=0 How did your Peace Corps service affect your life? New York Times, 2/5/14 Serving in
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      How did your Peace Corps service affect your life?
      New York Times,  2/5/14

      Serving in the Peace Corps can be both challenging and rewarding. Former Peace Corps volunteers often have good stories to tell — about their experiences in the field, what they learned and how those experiences shaped their lives after their service ended. Times journalists are writing about recent Peace Corps volunteers.


      If you have served in the Peace Corps in the past 10 years, please tell us about your experience by answering the questions below. Your comments and contact information will not be published, but a reporter or editor from The Times may follow up with you directly to learn more about your story.


      If you cannot see the form below, it is also available at this websitehttps://nytimes.wufoo.com/forms/peace-corps-volunteers/

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