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  • Ed and Maria Hromatka
    Did you serve in Honduras? If so, see below. ============================================================ Date: Tue, 3 Sep 2013 22:17:03 -0500 Gary or
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 3, 2013
       Did you serve in Honduras?   If so, see below.


      Date: Tue, 3 Sep 2013 22:17:03 -0500
      Gary or Ed....could you please see that this goes out to local RPCVs, ASAP ? I don't know the proper people to contact, or how to do so, but I know Mary Beth was in Honduras and there are some others.  I suspect many RPCVs frfom Honduras would like to know about this..THANKS! 
      Mary Alcock


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      From: Honduras List <pchonduraslist@...>
      Date: August 31, 2013 9:50:16 AM CDT
      Subject: Peace Corps List & Reunion
      Over the holiday weekend could you fill this out?
      We really want to finish this Peace Corps project before the end of summer. Thanks,
      Fred Corvi, Choluteca, 1978-1980.

      A group of us RPCVs is creating ONE master contact list of all Honduras
      volunteers AND staff from 1962 to present. We now have 3340 names on the list and don't want to miss you!

      Please email pchonduraslist@... and fill in the blanks below. We will then send you a 
      copy of the list and an invitation to a reunion of all Honduras RPCVs and
      Peace Corps staff to be held in October of this year. As of today 500 will be attending. Be sure to see:

      Last Name:
      First Name:
      Email Address:
      City Where You Served:
      Job in PC:
      From What Year (4-char):
      To What Year (4-char):
      Street Address:
      State (2-char):
      Country (2-char):US

      If you do not reside in the USA, what country do you live in?

      If you did not receive this email from the Honduras List email.
      how did you hear about us?

      Names and emails of other Honduras RPCVs you stay in contact with:

      Thanks, Fred Corvi, Choluteca, 1978-1980

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