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Re: Help -- 4th of July plans with the Peace Corps and international visitors

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  • Ed and/or Maria Hromatka
    Below the Director of The North Texas Council on International Visitors -- NTCIV --   needs a couple volunteers to show a six State Department VIPs
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 4, 2012
      Below the Director of "The North Texas Council on International Visitors" -- NTCIV --   needs a couple volunteers to show a six State Department VIPs around North Texas on the Fourth of July.  Six women from  Kazakhstan are on a State Department tour  and would like to meet some "typical Texans" and experience  a "typical" Independence Day in the USA. 
      What you decide to do with these guests is up to you.  For example, there are many special events at Dallas Fair Park.  There are many fireworks displays.  You could have a picnic at your home with your other relatives or other friends, or at White Rock Lake, or the Fort Worth Art District or FW Botanical Gardens, etc.
      For more info on NTCIV see http://www.ntciv.org/.  (phone (214) 520-0618)
      Sorry, Borat won't be accompanying our international visitors from  Kazakhstan  this time. 
      Best wishes,

      Ed Hromatka
      1-972-722-5254 - land line
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      I know you are traveling a great deal, but I was wondering if the Peace Corps has any plans for the 4th of July in Dallas - perhaps a picnic.  I have a group of 6 women from Kazakhstan coming at that time and they are looking for some sorts of 4th of July activities to participate in.  So I have gone hunting.  Any ideas?



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