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Bulgaria Travel Guide by RPCVs

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  • lstrnadel
    A Note from the Steering Committee: Leslie Strnadel has been a member of N.TX Peace Corps Association since her return from Peace Corps. Her guide is a good
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 5, 2012

      I would like to announce the publication of "Bulgaria: Discover the Real Bulgaria," which I coauthored with a fellow RPCV.  (I began writing the travel guide when I lived in Dallas, but, because of a career-related move, I finished writing it in Northern California.)

      Published by Other Places Publishing, a start-up publisher focused on travel guides written by RPCVs, the travel guide is available through Amazon, Amazon UK, and Barnes & Noble.

      If someone you know is planning a European vacation, then the travel guide would make a great gift.  Bulgaria is a relatively easy side trip from popular destinations such as Greece and Turkey.

      Amazon link:


      Publisher's web site:


      Thanks for your support,

      Leslie Strnadel

      RPCV, Bulgaria 2005-2007

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